Ready to be an Etsy seller? This is exclusively for you! Lana D May 27, 2022
Ready to be an Etsy seller? This is exclusively for you!

Etsy is a great place for online customers to visit because they can buy from small businesses and explore products that are special or not accessible in any other place. Are you ready to sell on Etsy? This guide is exclusively for you!

Create your Etsy shop’s settings

Point out the difference between digital commerce and eCommerce

To begin with, you should create your Etsy shop’s settings. To do this, go to the Etsy homepage and select ‘Sell on Etsy’. After that, select ‘Open Your Etsy Shop’. There will be a specific guideline for you to complete the process of setting up your shop, which includes choosing your location and language.

Also, you can choose your shop name here. Just unleash your creativity. For example, you can utilize your current business brand name or invent a brand new, catchy name – especially in case it is your first time selling things. No matter what you finally select, your shop name had better be in the range of 4 and 20 characters, with no special character and space. 

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Select your payment method to be able to sell on Etsy

After you have created your Etsy shop’s settings, move on to determining what payment method you want to utilize and give your billing information to Etsy to allow it authorize to your business.

A new service from PayPal allows its customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal account.

In terms of payment solutions, it is advisable to provide your shoppers with the option of making payments via Etsy Payments or PayPal as they enter a sale transaction with you. Those who want to sell on Etsy should consider Etsy Payments because it is the most well-known solution for payment here. It is simple to use and enables you to get paid in various ways.

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Set your shipping fees

Additionally, you need to set delivery fees the right way. Account for elements like whether you will deliver your goods solely in your country or globally to customers in other countries as well. In that case, you should ensure to consider differing delivery fees, for example, duty and delivery processing time.

List your products on Etsy

This step is crucial when you sell on Etsy. Listing goods on Etsy is not exactly the same as on a few other digital marketplaces because there is just a single listing for each kind of product, even if that item has various colors or sizes. For instance, in case DIY journals are what you sell and every one of them is identical yet with 4 distinct colors, you will have to list the journal a single time on Etsy with the different options for colors. 

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After you have listed your products, the last thing to do should be to preview your shop before it goes live. It is best to take a look at it from your shoppers’ viewpoint to ensure all the things look appropriate. 

In conclusion, we hope you can know more about how to sell on Etsy and become ready to be an Etsy seller. For more support, please do not hesitate to reach us.

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