How Thailand’s top retailer go omnichannel?Steven PDecember 22, 2022
How Thailand’s top retailer go omnichannel?
How Thailand's top retailer go omnichannel?

Omnichannel retail is a marketing campaign that covers the market today. This form of business offers many opportunities for both consumers and retailers. In the past few years, the concept of “omnichannel” has been spreading at a rapid pace, and businesses have also promptly grasped and learned about this trend, especially in the Thai market. In this article, we will analyze how Thailand’s top retailers go omnichannel.

Overview of omnichannel retail in Thailand

Thailand is highly ranked at the global top in the field of eCommerce. To this end, Thailand’s top retailers have taken a proactive approach in establishing and strengthening their omnichannel strategy to give customers the best shopping experience. Omnichannel retailing in Thailand is an industry with great growth prospects thanks to the successful strategies of entrepreneurs. Retailers in this market have different choices of sales channels to reach their intended customers. For example, a coffee shop owner and a hotel owner used a variety of online media channels to promote their products and services as well as offer specials to customers. They also find these channels very useful to gain more consumer awareness and help promote the reputation of the business. Artificial intelligence technologies have been applied to retailers in Thailand to conduct omnichannel business. Besides, businesses go omnichannel to reach different customer segments more effectively.

How Thailand's top retailer go omnichannel?

How does Thailand’s top retailer go omnichannel?

Thai marketers are more interested in omnichannel

Thailand’s top retailers go omnichannel for the reason that Thai marketers are more interested in omnichannel. They are interested in the concept of real-time marketing, personalization and distribution, and omnichannel (offline-online) interaction. Those marketers have had a closer look at omnichannel business and its core competencies for businesses.

How Thailand's top retailer go omnichannel?

Marketing plays an important role in omnichannel commerce. For the Thai market, marketers have turned to omnichannel. This helps eCommerce in particular and the retail industry in general in a rapidly growing market and more and more retailers aim to be omnichannel and reach many markets in neighboring countries.

Thai marketers have helped retail businesses become omnichannel through the use of tools and software to conduct business campaigns and are ready to seamlessly interact with customers across all channels. They promote campaigns not only in stores but also on websites and other social media platforms.

Thailand’s top retailers get more omnichannel reach through marketing

How Thailand's top retailer go omnichannel?

In addition, Thailand’s top retailers get more omnichannel reach through marketing. They take an integrated approach to customer acquisition across different channels, leveraging first, second and third-party customer data, and the technology and processes to support this. Businesses in Thailand are on the right track in implementing omnichannel marketing data. However, Thailand’s top retailers face similar challenges as other retailers in the region when implementing omnichannel marketing, especially limited technology and software. Moreover, firms also face difficulties when there is too much data to process. This shows that the kind of businesses in Thailand are standing at the same stage of development as most of their regional peers. Thai marketers are turning to analytics to find the right omnichannel solutions for leading retailers.


Thailand’s top retailers are increasingly moving towards multi-channel and reaping significant profits from this. If your business is looking for tools to support retail, feel free to contact us.

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