How agile methodology benefits your manufacturing companySteven PMay 20, 2022
How agile methodology benefits your manufacturing company

The increasingly fierce market competition requires businesses to look for new ways of operating in production. Factories must respond to changing customer needs and supply chain disruptions while ensuring product quality. In this article, we would like to introduce agile manufacturing to help your manufacturing company gain more benefits and solve all the problems above.

What is agile manufacturing?

Agile manufacturing is a fast and flexible manufacturing method. It is a manufacturing method that designs or adapts processes and uses tools and solutions that enable businesses to respond quickly to market changes without increasing costs or reducing product quality.

This approach also represents a very interesting approach to developing a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving market. An agile company is in a much better position to take advantage of short-term opportunities and rapid changes in customer demand.

Key characteristics of agile manufacturing

This production method has 4 key characteristics.

The first characteristic is the modular product design. Agile manufacturing development models promote change and faster adaptability because businesses can easily customize products according to market needs.

The characteristics of information technology are reflected in the use of IT solutions, especially to improve internal and external communication. It is basically the transfer of production data within the company to ensure that every employee, machine and equipment is working correctly.

Another characteristic is the corporate partner. These strategies emphasize the creation of short-term partnerships and joint ventures that improve time-to-market for product segments or respond to agile manufacturing requirements.

The last one is knowledge culture. This mode of production is highly dependent on the development of the entire organization. Manufacturers must be involved in preparing workers to facilitate rapid transitions.

Benefits of agile manufacturing

Agile manufacturing brings many benefits to manufacturing enterprises.

First of all, this method will help increase factory output. Through intelligent management processes, making requests from the system and then informing the operator, this helps save time, perform management functions efficiently with higher productivity and minimizes staff intervention. The reduction in interference also supports a better utilization of the workforce by coordinating skills-based work and on-the-job training.

With customer-focused product design, this production method enables manufacturers to flexibly create consumer-appropriate goods at low cost and with guaranteed quality, which in turn helps reduce production costs and increase customer satisfaction. With all of the above benefits, businesses will certainly save significant costs related, thereby helping to improve competitiveness in the market.

For employees of manufacturing enterprises, participating in this manufacturing method also gives them an opportunity to further develop themselves. Becoming an important link in the Connected Workforce system will facilitate sharing of experience and mutual support. In addition, the automatic and flexible coordination of tasks allows working in larger and more diverse groups.


Agile manufacturing is an effective solution for manufacturing companies in a highly competitive environment. Given the benefits it brings, adopting a flexible manufacturing strategy is a perfectly reasonable idea.

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