How Acumatica and ConnectPOS support your BigCommerce stores? Steven P February 9, 2023
How Acumatica and ConnectPOS support your BigCommerce stores?
How Acumatica and ConnectPOS support your BigCommerce stores?

The BigCommerce Acumatica is a native interface that links your BigCommerce eCommerce site with your Acumatica cash flows, inventory, operations, and reporting, giving you access to a robust and all-encompassing real-time platform that expands with your business.

What are Acumatica and ConnectPOS? 

You can manage your BigCommerce Acumatica items, orders, customers, inventory, picking-packing-shipping, refunds, customer care, and accounting from a single cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The financial, sales, inventory, CRM (Customer relationship management), and fulfillment systems from Acumatica are seamlessly integrated with BigCommerce using ERP solution that supports commerce.

How Acumatica and ConnectPOS support your BigCommerce stores?

With a combined commerce platform from BigCommerce Acumatica, you can improve the customer experience, obtain deeper business insights, and boost income exponentially. 

Acumatica is one of the most strategic partner of ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS is a point of sale (POS) system built on the cloud that enables merchants to manage orders and take payments both online and in real stores.Statistics between online and offline stores are synchronized instantly through ConnectPOS.

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Aside from the ability to synchronize data between online and offline stores, ConnectPOS allows users to use the product name, product ID, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), and barcode to verify the availability of a product. The technology also enables merchants to accept partial payments from clients at the moment of purchase and collect the remaining balance later using a number of other payment options.

Users can create combined reports for both their online and physical stores, which can then be downloaded to assess business success. Various business metrics are offered by the dashboard, and they can be sorted to produce reports. Other capabilities include the ability to create customer profiles, manage product promotions, use receipt templates, calculate taxes, and more.

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Key benefits of BigCommerce Acumatica and ConnectPOS

Manage all customer interactions

Offering separate prices to retail and wholesale clients, enhancing customer self-service, having a quick view of all customer orders (both online and offline), and more are all made possible by integrated eCommerce, business administration, and CRM (customer relationship management).

How Acumatica and ConnectPOS support your BigCommerce stores?

Make more informed decisions

Data from many sources should be combined, actionable information should be extracted for management and decision, and stakeholders should be shown the data visually. Draw conclusions from your data to lower costs by keeping an eye on inventories, finding your most profitable items and sales locations, and locating the gaps in your supply chain.

Flexible system

Every company runs differently. Do the data flows need to be changed? Don’t bother calling a developer. A user-friendly interface within the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows for straightforward configuration of the Acumatica and BigCommerce connectivity.

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Secure platform

Utilize industry best practices for managing all financial transactions, such as PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry) and bank-level security. The administrator-assigned user-level permissions limit access to platform data.

Support all different kinds of sellers

Different feature sets are required for various sellers. Fortunately, tools that assist all different kinds of sellers – for example, B2C ( Business To Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), and D2C (Direct To Consumer) are part of the Acumatica connection with BigCommerce. Gift cards, merchandising, consumer pricing, promotions, and much more are all enabled right out of the box.

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