How To Decorate Your Store For Halloween

It’s good to stay true to your store’s style, but you can have fun by decorating it with a spooky spirit to welcome the scariest time of the year – Halloween. It’s almost here! There’s going to be a surge in online shopping during this season, so take this chance to boost your sales and prepare for the incoming holiday season. Get through some following ideas for your Halloween store decorations in this period.

7 Halloween Store Decorations To Get Spooky

Many bone-chilling ideas for your Halloween-themed marketing campaign are introduced below to help you attract buyers for big deals!  

Build a bat wall

The whole setup for your store display only requires a few minutes to complete, but it may need a larger space to cover for the most dramatic effect. Get some 3D bat wall decors if you want to turn your store into a true “bat cave” and scare friends and shoppers. Guess what? it doesn’t matter if you choose to spread these bats through the wall, or get them to fly in a swarm, they still can suck some blood! 

Remember to clean the dust on the wall at first, and then heat the decors with a hairdryer before you begin to peel them off.

Create a pumpkin oasis

Bejeweled pumpkins as Halloween store decorations

There’s nothing better than throwing some pumpkins into a few corners of the store when you love to convey the Halloween spirit here. For the fascinating display, it’s better to have a space for a little and cool-looking pumpkin oasis.

For a more creative look, a dull pumpkin may need some love – how about adding some layers of metallic gold or silver paint for a charm? If not, you might love to find some bejeweled types of pumpkins available online or mix and match these styles for inspiring displays.

Hang some Halloween banners

Banners make the best display idea for Halloween store decorations since it makes your retail seem more festive.

Besides, there are many types of banners that fit perfectly any style of the stores. All you do is hang these welcoming banners on doors, windows, ceilings, front porch, or entryway to welcome customers to your store. 

Prepare Halloween jars

Gothic mason jars for Halloween store decorations

Another scary centerpiece you cannot miss is the ghoulish jars. These range from skeleton armies to googly-eyed ghosts that are waiting to be a part of your Halloween campaign. When you get bored with a cute ghost mason jar, then move ahead with some gothic skull mason jars instead! These are sure to bring a dark flair to the store with terrifying skull lids. 

Use some spider web placemats

Use such fun spider web placemats to give your table a makeover for celebrating the Halloween party in the store. Add more matching plates and decors for an interesting look such as a ghostly table runner or napkins. Most spiderweb items get embroidered on thick fabric, which makes it the best decoration for Halloween and even year-round use.

Decorate with a skull vase

A black skull vase for Halloween decorations

One of the simplest ways to make the store look chic and a bit creepy is putting some scary skull vases around the space. After creating a hole on the top of the skull, you can coat the outer layer with charcoal paint for a more mysterious vibe. Finish the look with some white flowers to make the vase more vivid!

Put giant spider decorations at the doorstep

It’s time to add a bit of terror to your doorstep with some giant black spiders. Nothing looks creepier than a cluster of big, hairy, and scary creatures that are crawling everywhere. These are easy to make at home, so your kids can join for fun. Use hot-glue faux fur on spiders and cover their legs with foam tubes before welcoming them into your Halloween party. 

Wrapping up

We hope these Halloween store decorations will help you know how to treat both inside and outside of your space. Besides, anyone who wants decorations to highlight products and services of POS system in Halloween style, or invest in a more engaging omnichannel strategy for this spine-chilling season, then contact us for a free consultation.

Jesse N.

Jesse N. is a marketing executive at ConnectPOS - a leading Point of Sale provider. With a background in finance and a strong interest in e-commerce, she has closely followed the latest technological developments that assist businesses' omnichannel journey.

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