Top 5 golf course POS to swing you to success

A golf course POS piece of software is defined as a point-of-sale system with the capability of supporting a variety of features needed by your golf courses. These point-of-sale software functions may be online bookings, retail sales, restaurant control, e-scorecards, membership billing, and the list would go on. 

Are you running a golf course and in the market for a new POS to take the place of your existing point of sale? Else, are you looking for a POS solution for the new course? Either this or that, the top 5 golf course POS options mentioned below should be your good fit and bring your business to the next level.


ConnectPOS is a popular solution for its omnichannel functionalities. This leading cloud point of sale supplier indeed has had a good name all over the globe. 

Main points:

  • Promote the use of the interactive 2nd display and PWA Consumer App
  • Online and offline retail sales
  • Compatibility with a number of devices, for example, smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • Have the Reward Points System integration
  • BigCommerce and Magento are a few of the best-known eCommerce platforms built in with this golf course POS.
  • Flexible payment methods, not only cash but also card
  • Print and email receipt
  • Give auto-generated reports
  • Discounts and other promotion programs
  • Support your control of multi-warehouse and multi-store.
  • There is no extra charge for 3rd-party transactions.


With its cutting-edge and flexible attributes, this system suits a lot of niche markets, including golf.

Main points:

  • Integrated tee sheet management
  • Online booking with a prepayment
  • Pro shop eCommerce
  • Pro shop retail monitoring
  • Member management
  • Managing the restaurant
  • Online marketing attributes
  • Self-check-in kiosks

Golf course POS: Square

Though it is not the most cutting-edge point-of-sale software, Square is well-known for its adaptability to any kind of business.

Main points: 

  • Fundamental order/ restaurant management
  • Fundamental retail/stock control features
  • Allow for the use of Android, iOS, and Square Terminal
  • Customer directory with a built-in loyalty system
  • Online booking
  • Online ordering and checkout


It is an actual handy point of sale system that offers everything necessary for your business to start running smoothly.

Main points:

  • Online ordering
  • Combine multiple orders
  • Retail and stock features
  • Integrated item exchanges
  • Cutting-edge stock control ability, for example, modifiers and monitoring
  • Integrated discounts and loyalty program
  • Email invoices
  • Customer spending histories
  • HR monitoring with a time clock


This golf course POS is arguably among the most cutting-edge iPad point-of-sale solutions out there. It boasts an open API architecture and can be customized to suit any kind of business.

Main points:

  • House accounts
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Multi-location management
  • Open API
  • Offline capability
  • Integrated purchase ordering
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • HR management
  • Personalized customer support
  • CRM
  • Reporting

In conclusion, the golf course POS software is becoming more crucial. Thus, should you have not discovered the most suitable system that can swing you to success, feel free to call us now to get the best advice? We are always glad to support you as soon as possible and the best we can.

Lana D

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