Getting started with commercetools API Playground Steven P December 14, 2022
Getting started with commercetools API Playground
Getting started with commercetools API Playground

Today’s market is moving towards headless e-commerce. There is a difference between traditional and headless e-commerce websites which is the way their user interface and user interface are connected. A common term among them is API (Application Programming Interface). A platform that supports an API playground will be more favored by today’s e-commerce businesses. In this article, we would like to introduce the Commercetools API playground for businesses to consider and connect to it.

Overview of commercetools API

Commercetools is an API-preferred platform, which means it treats APIs as individual products, not parts of a larger software entity. Commercetools designed the API for flexible modular performance rather than compatibility with a specific platform. Commercetools has a RESTful API, ease of use, and enhanced discoverability of features, allowing any developer to quickly pick up and work with it.

Getting started with commercetools API Playground

The Commercetools API is manifold, functional, streamlined, and well-documented, allowing you to dive deep into creating commerce experiences. The purpose of stores needs to look and work exactly to the business needs. Meanwhile, APIs are at the heart of every business’s digital operations. However, not all APIs are created equal. With Commercetools API, businesses can easily and quickly connect points in their business ecosystem.

Getting started with commercetools API Playground


Commercetools API HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) composable provides the business logic for commerce solutions as web services. This HTTP API provides a fully customizable user interface through HTML and CSS. Those apps make API calls to perform actions like searching for a product, placing a product in a cart, or creating an order. 

Commercetools also has four SDKs (Software Development Kit) to simplify making API calls which are Java SDK, PHP SDK, JavaScript or TypeScript SDK, and DotNET SDK. For Commercetools API HTTP, it is built on two main components, Request and Response. After receiving a request from the client, the server will process that request and send a response back to the client.


Getting started with commercetools API Playground

GraphQL is a data query language for APIs that allows client developers to retrieve the exact data they want from any source and enables brands to build experiences faster. With maximum coverage, Commercetools API has higher GraphQL support than other commerce platforms. This will help businesses save time by providing developers with only the data they need, reduce server usage with fewer API calls, and improve performance for enterprise applications.

When it comes to the GraphQL Commercetools API, businesses can get exactly what they need. GraphQL queries always return predictable results, and they are fast and stable because they control the data received, not the server.

To get started with Commercetools GraphQL API, first, users need to prepare the code language and initialize the project through the express module. After that, they need to create and test the server to check for errors. Note that the structure of the GraphQL API call changes depending on whether the business wants to query existing data, create an entity, or update an existing entity.


Commercetools API Playground is a great tool that makes it easy for businesses to enhance user experience and bring many profitable benefits to businesses. If you need to connect with Commercetools, feel free to contact us.

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