Getting started with BigCommerce multi-store

Businesses in today’s digital age are always looking to expand by opening more online stores so they can reach more customers. This led to the development of the BigCommerce multi-store feature. In this article, we introduce this feature to help businesses consider and make the most of it for business benefits.

What are BigCommerce Multiple Stores?

Multi-store is a combination of many separate stores within the same online retailer in the E-Commerce industry. BigCommerce multi-store is a prominent feature of BigCommerce that helps businesses easily manage multiple stores in a single dashboard. 

For example, you have a brand of leather goods. Instead of just selling to an audience from one website, you can create different online stores for each country. And with the multi-store feature of BigCommerce, you can make small changes to the design, pricing, and assortment across different stores.

Benefits of BigCommerce multi store

BigCommerce multi-store will first help your business to expand the existing market. With this feature, you can open multiple stores in countries around the globe. In each country, you have a website with the right content, images and language that will help you attract more customers. This will help you scale up and capture a larger market share.

Another benefit of the multisite feature from BigCommerce is to help optimize SEO in Marketing. This is the most optimized tool in e-commerce and if businesses take advantage of this feature, they will be able to compete with their competitors in the market. This feature helps search engine optimization so it will attract a large number of customers.

Most importantly, this feature has the benefit of better understanding your customers, an important factor for business success. Customers always tend to search and compare the products they are going to buy and this multi-page feature helps you stand out from your competitors because instead of having to scroll many times, the multi-page features. It also helps you to organize your products making them easy to find.

How to set up BigCommerce Multi Stores

The process to set up BigCommerce Multi Stores

To proceed with using BigCommerce multi-store, you first need to install the BigCommerce plugin for WordPress. Once you’ve installed and set up your account, you can install the BigCommerce multi-store feature. One thing to note is that for each store, you need to buy a separate service package, suitable for each of those stores. Along with that, you need to set up the configuration of each store, shipping method, payment, tax. Once connected using your API credentials, you’ve completed the setup and you can start using multisite.

Apps for managing BigCommerce multiple stores

Although managing multiple stores at the same time can be difficult, BigCommerce also offers several supporting applications such as Skulabs for inventory management; Brightpearl for payment, shipping, and stock functions and Shopventory will run your business seamlessly.


BigCommerce multi-store is the right feature for your business if you are looking to grow your business in the field of e-commerce. Contact us if you need assistance in managing multiple stores in your BigCommerce.

Steven P

Steven is a content collaborator at ConnectPOS. With years of experience in retail and eCommerce, he has researched and published many in-depth articles.

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