Get ready for upcoming BFCM with quick conversion boosts Steven P November 15, 2022
Get ready for upcoming BFCM with quick conversion boosts
Get ready for upcoming BFCM with quick conversion boosts

When it comes to Black Friday and its online cousin Cyber Monday, the US has a long and distinctive heritage. Strangely large groups are rushing into malls. After the day of thanksgiving, people rush to buy products, signaling the beginning of the year’s bonanza. People’s shopping habits have changed more in favor of internet shopping as the “new normal” takes shape.

While sales marketing is essential, generating revenue also requires refining your website’s functionality and user experience. So let’s get your Connect POS store powered up with these quick conversion boosts for BFCM.

Examine shop performance

Speed up your website

Get ready for upcoming BFCM with quick conversion boosts

You’ll get closer to the one and only intended outcome—high conversion—if your website loads quickly. “Due to the likely increase in traffic at this time, you don’t want to irritate users with a slow page load time.” CEO of the Shopify Plus Partner firm Velstar, Dan Sheard. Performance tests shouldn’t be postponed until just one week before BFCM, so be prepared.

Explore the mobile version

You can check out these eCommerce statistics: Smartphone sales accounted up 70% of all Shopify sales. If you plan to participate in this year’s massive Black Friday run, prepare your mobile version by filling it to the brim.

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Launch your BFCM campaign

Make your campaign stand out

The purchase willingness and motivation of consumers peak as soon as the season begins. The core of BFCM are discounts and promotions. Additionally, it’s critical to inform your customers about the rewards when running a campaign.

Attractive graphics are undoubtedly helpful in capturing customers’ attention. Additionally, remember to mention your Black Friday discounts in the following places:

  • Hero images on the homepage
  • Banner on site pages
  • Pop-up windows
  • Notification bars (those horizontal bars at the top of web pages)

Create appealing product listings

Don’t consider product listing to be just data entry. All you need to do is put out a respectable introduction and some decent product images, right? Not yet, gentlemen! According to SEO Hacker, ranking for product listings would be the best decision you could make for a BFCM site because you would be at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

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Add timers counting down

Get ready for upcoming BFCM with quick conversion boosts

A countdown timer can be used to instill a sense of urgency in your clients and inspire them to act right away. As time passes, a limited-time offer or deal will become accessible. This time-scarcity strategy can be used by retailers during peak buying times, holidays, and special occasions. Customers will be kept on the edge of their seats and motivated to return for sure.

Optimize the shopping experience 

Employ a cart drawer

A cart drawer (or slide-out cart, pushcart, etc.) will show up on the side of the page each time you choose an item. Customers can quickly check out by accessing their shopping cart items from the homepage or any other page.

Check out dynamically

Too complicated or lengthy a checkout process is the reason why customers leave their carts empty. With only one click thanks to the dynamic checkout button, customers can complete their purchases considerably more quickly and easily.

Show precise shipment details

Get ready for upcoming BFCM with quick conversion boosts

Why is shipping so important? Does it really matter that much? A resounding YES since we are certain that clients are enamored with shipping. The final step in getting the tangible product into your customers’ hands is still shipping.

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Shipping was ranked as the main cause of cart abandonment by Power Review. It is important, especially with free shipping. Avert subpar shipping options, expensive shipping, and ambiguous information. Transparency in delivery is essential for boosting eCommerce sales and gaining customers’ trust, according to Convey’s COVID-19 Survey.


The year’s most exciting holiday shopping season is still to come. You should need more time than simply “a little” to get polished and ready. Let’s get started on your plan and assess your site as soon as feasible for a high-converting BFCM campaign! If you have any inquiries about ConnectPOS, do not be reluctant to get in touch with us.

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