From Seed to Sale: Optimizing Your Process with top plugin for cannabis shop in thailand Steven P May 8, 2023
From Seed to Sale: Optimizing Your Process with top plugin for cannabis shop in thailand
From Seed to Sale: Optimizing Your Process with top plugin for cannabis shop in thailand

Thailand was the first Asian country to legalize the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of cannabis in the food and beverage industry. The Thai government has issued regulations and regulations to legalize this business in the hope that it will boost the country’s agriculture and tourism industry. However, this is still a sensitive item to do business in the market in general and on eCommerce platforms in particular. In order to sell this product online, what businesses need to do is have a strict operating process to meet the needs of customers, along with meeting changing government regulations. Therefore, supporting software is necessary. In this article, we would like to introduce the top plugin for cannabis shop in Thailand that helps retailers optimize their processes.

Overview of cannabis shops in Thailand

Regulations in Thailand now allow the sale of cannabis products and cannabis extracts containing less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). To conduct business, the seller needs a license to operate. A license is required for a foreign individual or entity and most of the business is owned by Thais. Cannabis businesses in the country can carry out the importation of seeds after obtaining appropriate permits from the Plant Quarantine Department of Thailand. They may also manufacture cannabis-based products subject to different licensing requirements and obligations depending on the type of product. Organizations may also exploit cannabis for medical and academic purposes. Besides, the cultivation of cannabis has no restrictions, and distribution of cannabis with parts of the plant can be done easily. With such openness and thriving online platforms, the cannabis market here is vibrant and full of options.

The top plugin for cannabis shop in Thailand


ConnectPOS is the best plugin for cannabis shop in Thailand. It includes both an easy-to-use POS (point-of-sale) hardware and software solution and is available 24/7 from consultants to find the right option for users. This platform is suitable for Thai businesses because it is available in English and Thai for easy POS use by employees, and the ConnectPOS team and partners in Southeast Asia are always ready to help. The plugin for cannabis shop in Thailand, firstly, offers an order management feature that helps retailers accept any requirements from customers. 

In particular, it offers bundled inventory management features through the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) solution combined with centralized data features. From there, businesses can manage product metrics, communicate them to customer orders, and even devise appropriate sales and marketing strategies. This feature for cannabis businesses in the Thai market is also important to meet regulatory and regulatory requirements of the government. Inventory integrations will allow traders to import, manufacture, and distribute most efficiently. ConnectPOS is especially good at dividing inventory, sales by units of grams and packages. 

Moreover, it integrates with payment gateways in Thailand to facilitate the business process of both parties. When it comes to payment features that any POS system needs, ConnectPOS supports a variety of payment methods that make the checkout process faster, safer, and more secure. Buyers can pay in many ways. All of these transaction histories will be stored with order information so that businesses can serve customers better in the future and retain more loyal customers. Notably, detailed reports and analysis will also be provided with many flexible integrations so that shops can expand and choose their business more wisely, optimizing revenue and profit. You can try it with the 14-day free trial version that this solution provides to make a final decision.


WooCommerce is a flexible and customizable eCommerce platform. The plugin for cannabis shop in Thailand allows sellers to actually sell products and goods directly to consumers from their website. This solution is great for businesses just starting out because it’s complete and doesn’t charge a monthly fee since it’s a self-hosted solution. The plugin uses the same database for the stores in the system so sales, customer, employee, reports and especially inventory data are always synchronized. For cannabis products in the Thai market, this point-of-sale software will help respond to customers buying immediately to reduce their waiting time. Features locally stored product inventory for quick searching and filtering. Therefore, sellers can immediately provide product status, detailed information to buyers and thereby support upsell or cross-sell to maximize revenue. 

WooCommerce also has a translation team to help meet the needs of users in many countries, so businesses in Thailand can use this solution with confidence. The plugin allows you to scan barcodes, add coupons by percentage or fixed rate. It also supports third-party card terminals and accepts cash, chip and PIN payment methods. Merchants can easily get help with simple tax calculation, printing or emailing invoices to customers automatically. Importantly, the platform will enable the store to reward customers with discounts, with separate order notes for customers and internal order processors, and enable frequent customer service by scanning cards of their customers. This is an essential factor for cannabis businesses. To use the services of this solution, users need to pay a fee of $199. From there, the business will be seamless and highly effective.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a fast plugin for cannabis shop in Thailand. This is a rated solution with amazing processing speed, flawless user experience, and a top search engine results page (SERP) rating. The improvement of the website’s load time comes with the useful content provided; the visitors will be attracted and engaged with the website and the store. Besides, the plugin supports abandoned carts, ensuring users go from viewing to buying quickly with safe and secure processes. 

Users will not have to worry about compatibility no matter which CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider they are using, WP will help them to activate and connect easily. Cannabis shops will be able to optimize their database of orders, customers, inventory, and analytics reports to help make the best decisions and strategies. Businesses need to pay $59 per year with the Single plan to get eCommerce features for a website. With higher-paid service packages, users will have many customized features to optimize operations.


Although the cannabis market has been opened, businesses still face certain difficulties in organizing their business and optimizing their operations. The best plugin for cannabis shop in Thailand will help retailers manage their organization well, easily expand their activities, and meet government regulations and laws to keep their business seamless. If you are looking for the best support solution, feel free to contact us.

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