Fresh update on The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide Steven P November 23, 2022
Fresh update on The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide
Fresh update on The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide

Today’s businesses need to be agile if they want to keep up with the advancement and rapid development of technology as well as the increasing needs of customers. Any business following a B2B (Business To Business) or B2C (Business To Customer) business model needs an optimal software solution to effectively manage distribution business activities. Therefore, the birth and development of Netsuite is the solution for businesses. In this article, we would like to give the ultimate NetSuite pricing guide that helps your business to update on it.

Overview of The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing 

Netsuite is a cloud-based software solution suitable for businesses. It is designed depending on the size and maturity of each organization. NetSuite pricing is tailored to each customer based on several factors, including the configuration of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), the additional modules required, the total number of users, and the length of the contract. Several predefined vertical versions of NetSuite are also available, which can be helpful in quickly identifying packages and modules that meet customer needs.

Netsuite has suggested the following 3 core Netsuite pricing models adapt to each type of business. These are Netsuite Starter Package, Netsuite for Mid-market, and Netsuite Enterprise.

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Fresh update on The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide

Pricing for each edition

Fresh update on The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide

The NetSuite Starter package is priced for small businesses. This ERP package of services would be ideal for companies operating in a country with fewer than 50 employees. The total valuation for this package will range from $999 per month.

Besides, the NetSuite Mid-market edition will be suitable for businesses that require more than 10 user licenses. This Netsuite pricing would be the right choice for businesses that are expanding operations across multiple locations or have more complex requirements to comply with their day-to-day processes. The mid-market ERP package allows companies to perform consolidated financial statements in multiple currencies. Businesses in the mid-market will have to invest $999 per month to use this EPR package.

Meanwhile, the NetSuite Enterprise edition plan is built for companies with more than 150 users. This Enterprise package includes additional modules such as NetSuite OneWorld to regularly handle acquisitions and the ability to manage multiple currencies and subsidiaries. These enterprises will have to spend an even larger amount of $2,499 per month to launch this edition package.

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In particular, Netsuite also has a solution for a non-profit organization with reasonable pricing.

Pricing for each user

NetSuite pricing per user is conducted by naming and user type. NetSuite ERP uses a SaaS (Software as a service) model for this pricing structure to facilitate customers moving from one platform to another with the least upfront cost.

Fresh update on The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide

Netsuite pricing per user will provide roles that require access to specific functions such as CFO (Chief Finance Officer), Controller, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), VP (Vice President) of Sales, Chief Marketing Officer, and more. These are business-critical roles that will leverage features in NetSuite on a daily basis to access comprehensive data, build reports, and make critical business decisions. And, the NetSuite full-user licenses start at $99 per user per month.

NetSuite Ecommerce Cost

For the Netsuite package for e-commerce, other versions are also available. It offers 3 pricing plans namely SuiteCommerce Standard, SuiteCommerce Advanced, and SuiteCommerce InStore. These pricing packages will make it easy for businesses to consider options or can be combined to create omnichannel commerce.

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How to save cost?

Fresh update on The Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide

To save costs, businesses can apply direct contact to the Sales & Service Team. However, this is only suitable for businesses that really understand the connection process. For other businesses, the advice is that they still need to find a partner to connect to help them and choose the right Netsuite pricing package.

Another way, businesses can consider the time to buy the service package and consider the contract conditions to choose the best factors for their business.


Netsuite pricing helps businesses choose the best service for their business to make a profitable business and fresh updates to more advanced versions. If you need more information about Netsuite, contact us.

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