Food Truck POS System hieult2 October 16, 2023

How ConnectPOS can drive sales for your food trucks

High mobility and portability
  • Works on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC). No specialized hardware investment required 

  • Can work offline and sync data when you have an internet connection 

  • Customer-facing display for self-ordering during busy hours

Customize to sell more
  • Open online revenue stream with our eCommerce platforms integration 

  • Let customers pay quickly with their favorite payment method or gateway 

  • Retain customers with reward points or loyalty program 

  • Need a custom feature? Contact us!

Manage multiple food trucks easily
  • Collect data from all locations to one dashboard for faster decisions 

  • Analyze inventory data from multiple trucks to plan ingredients supplies and human resources better 

  • Understand customers ' taste and optimize the menu with sales reports

Features that makes ConectPOS stand outforfood trucks companies

Custom products

Create custom sale or adjust product bundles easily to match customer's request and available ingredients

Custom Receipt

Need to add/remove information sections on your receipt? Feel free to tailor them

Speedy checkout

Reduce rush hour waiting time with our lightning-fast 3-step checkout or self-checkout option through PWA

Customer Relationship

Enable store credit, reward points, integrate with 3rd party loyalty programs to delight customers and keep them coming back

Dynamic Payment

Choose payment options suitable to where you park or the preference of any customer passing by

Sales Insights

Analyze customer behavior at anytime to optimize inventory supply, products and operation

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