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Quick service to serve more customers

  • Quickly add, edit or remove products. Search products quickly by name, ID, SKU or barcode.
  • Serve more customers in the same amount with quick 3-step checkout.
  • Create items note yet available on web stores as a Custom sale and easily add to cart.
  • Check stock at each store level and transfer stock directly in POS to meet customers' demand.
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Let customers do self-shopping with PWA

  • By scanning a QR code, customers can explore all items in an app-like interface with no requirement to download any app.
  • Scan item barcode to view detailed product information and available variants, then easily add it to cart.
  • Customers can do self-checkout in their mobile phones with flexible payment and delivery options.
  • Put an end to the paying queue since for food and drink retail section, speed does matter!
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Fully control your retail business

  • Detailed report helps you to keep track of your best customers and their favorite products.
  • Make use of loyalty extension integrated in ConnectPOS to let customers earn and spend reward points for their shopping.
  • Manage multi-warehouse and multi-store inventory with ease to avoid falling out-of-stock. Inventory synced in real time between stores and transfer stock directly in POS.
  • Get precious insights to efficiently design your store layout using our Heat map feature (coming soon)

A powerful POS for your business

Speedy Search

Search any products quickly by name, ID, SKU or barcode. Reduce the time of serving your customers

Self - Shopping

Let customers scan a QR code and do their self-shopping on their mobile phones via PWA Consumer App

Save Time With Checkout

No more payment queue with our speedy 3-step checkout at register, or self-checkout via PWA Consumer App

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Feel free to let customers earn and spend points with leading loyalty extension integration

Boost Sales

Increase sales and customer satisfaction by selling out-of-stock products

Flexible Payment Options

Enable various payment options including split tenders and laybys


Stories Of Success

Whether in the demo, during the free trial or in practice by Dampfi now, ConnectPOS proves to be stable and reliable, which is ultimately the most important factor

Robin, Managing Director
E-Cigarettes - Switzerland
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Stories Of Success

ConnectPOS allows us to add discount per product, Reward Points, simple search function, adjustable receipt, split payment. It is very easy to customize to our needs.

Enrico, CEO of Store 1982
Fashion & Accessories - Netherlands
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Stories Of Success

It works well with Magento, has great speed and everything we need in a POS for our book store, for example, to place an order for out-of-stock products.

Yosef Heinemann. Founder of Grand Judaica
Toy, Hobbies & Gift - the US
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