Find out the true cost of starting a BigCommerce enterprise store Steven P July 4, 2022
Find out the true cost of starting a BigCommerce enterprise store

BigCommerce Enterprise refers to a popular and flexible eCommerce platform for medium-sized businesses. It is built on top of BigCommerce and comes with additional features to meet the needs of retailers. In this article, we want to provide details about BigCommerce Enterprise pricing to help businesses consider and choose to use it.

Overview BigCommerce Enterprise Pricing

BigCommerce Enterprise pricing will depend on your company’s sales. This price is not fixed and will vary from business to business. The pricing for BigCommerce Enterprise mainly depends on two variables which are the average order value and the average number of orders processed per month. While pricing will vary from business to business, BigCommerce’s Enterprise plans will typically start at around $400 per month and can go up to $15,000 per month.

BigCommerce Enterprise Features

All BigCommerce plans have common features such as allowing unlimited storage, products, employee accounts and bandwidth for online store, omnichannel selling. And of course, BigCommerce Enterprise has all of the above features along with many add-ons.

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BigCommerce offers free themes for businesses. However, businesses can also purchase a theme for their store separately or access the API to develop their own themes. All themes are mobile responsive, and businesses can easily view them in mobile, tablet and standard forms from their dashboards.

BigCommerce Enterprise has a prominent payment feature that accepts over 65 pre-integrated payment gateways and allows over 140 currencies. In particular, by negotiating with Braintree, BigCommerce Enterprise customers will pay a low fee of 2.05% + $0.49 for sales through PayPal.

Another feature of BigCommerce is that it allows enterprises to sell multi-channel products thanks to its built-in integration with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Shopping. Businesses can manage their sales on all these websites. Besides, the marketing feature through SMS Marketing, Social Marketing is also a feature that makes businesses should use BigCommerce.

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BigCommerce Enterprise pricing plan

With pricing for the Standard Plan from $29.95 a month, businesses get the most basic features. However, when opening the Enterprise Plan, businesses will have to pay more expensive monthly costs and unlock all features depending on the needs of the business.

The BigCommerce Enterprise plan is for businesses that want to experience exceptional service on the platform. The BigCommerce Enterprise pricing has additional services such as getting priority support from the BigCommerce team to get your technical issues resolved as quickly as possible; a dedicated account manager to help set up an eCommerce business; allowing businesses to adjust prices according to customer profiles; unlimited API calls for seamless synchronization of data from different channels; always upgraded every year to ensure business operation.

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In particular, the card processing fee for PayPal provided by Braintree to Enterprise is also 2.05% + $0.49 per transaction. However, the BigCommerce Enterprise plan has custom pricing, so your business will need to contact BigCommerce for details.

Find out the true cost of starting a BigCommerce enterprise store


BigCommerce Enterprise pricing seems to be attractive to businesses because they won’t have to incur a lot of transaction fees. Businesses will also have a wide range of functions enough to build an online store. Contact us to help you manage your BigCommerce store.

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