New way to enjoy your meal: Experiential dining Lana D March 12, 2022
New way to enjoy your meal: Experiential dining
Experiential dining

The hospitality sector is becoming increasingly innovative as well as competitive. As you can see, dining places have been appearing here and there daily. That is why a lot of businesses have tried to stay ahead of the game by trying new ways. These expectedly make them more outstanding than others. One of the methods is experiential dining which is known as a new way to enjoy your meal. Thanks to this approach, your business can go far and beyond the concept of what a conventional dining place is. It also provides various foods enjoying adventures, experiences, as well as themes. Should you wish to find out more about this innovative approach, this post has what you are wondering. 

Experiential dining definition

Experiential dining definition

Experiential dining refers to giving the dining mix multiple sensory experiences. It works to stand out from conventional dining place concepts. This kind of experience focuses on providing moments that are one of a kind and memorizing. You can create such moments via fascinating activities, thematic decors, sensory-center dining, creative menus, and so on.

Now and again, the dishes take second place to other parts of the stunning customer experience. In essence, this new way of enjoying a meal has to do with far more moving components. For example, there are cat cafes allowing you to appreciate coffee when having fun with cats. Such unique experiences manage to break away from the old approach of merely sitting and eating. 

Statistics show that more than 70% of customers would be willing to pay more for an eating experience whose quality is one of a kind. They expect to enjoy far more from their dining out than only yummy dishes. Over 75% of those getting experiential dining prefer an impressive location. More than 80% hope for an amazing theme, while over 70% want to find a unique experience. 

Experiential dining business types

There are a lot of types of experiential dining. On the one hand, you cannot find a way that suits all of the expectations for the one-of-a-kind eating experience. But here are a few typical factors possibly discovered in various experiential dining places. 

  • Speakeasy bars 
  • Game bars as well as dining places
  • Interactive eating experiences
  • Pop-up dining businesses
  • Themed dining places
  • Multiple sensory fine eating experiences

Experiential dining examples

Meomi Cat Cafe and some other cafes have used the idea of taking coffee cups in a more innovative way. They include furry buddies in the dining mix. Themed cafes such as cat cafes have a lot to do with real-life cats. They have these animals enjoy food, nap, etc., in the same area as customers. 

In conclusion, no matter what dining business you run (cafe or restaurant), you should aim at the same thing, which is to create fantastic experiences for your customers. Should you be looking to leave a cool impression on your existing guests or attract new customers, you should be outstanding by using experiential dining. It is a new way to enjoy your meal. For more information about this innovative and unique approach, contact us now.

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