Enhance your customers’ shopping journey via frictionless commerce Lana D April 24, 2022
Enhance your customers’ shopping journey via frictionless commerce
frictionless commerce

Because of the increasingly higher popularity of omnichannel retail, shoppers now increasingly prefer their time saved. They want decreased hassle during their shopping experience. Therefore, giving your shoppers a frictionless commerce journey has become crucial. So what is is, and how to enhance your customers’ shopping journey via friction-free commerce? Check out this article for the answer.

What is frictionless commerce?

Frictionless commerce is an arrangement of corporate solutions as well as technologies utilized to decrease the perceived or actual hassle, time, and the like between shoppers and the services or goods they want. For example, in a sales transaction, customers are not fond of delays. They also do not like to bug out of their shopping journey. Therefore, a friction-free commerce journey with no additional effort needed makes them happy. 

Benefits of frictionless in improving sales

Over 49% of customers consider convenience as the main justification why they decide to go online shopping. In fact, with frictionless commerce, they can enjoy the ease of discovering the goods they are finding. Moreover, they like that it is easy to find how pertinent suggested products are to them. Also, they love how free of friction the checkout process is. 

A higher level of friction is not beneficial because it means a more considerable rate of drop. You will lose more sales. Also, there will be reduced consumer loyalty. Meanwhile, friction-free commerce is beneficial. The rate of drop-off will reduce, and there will be more sales. Also, the value of your brand will be higher while your shoppers will be more loyal. 

How to enhance your customers’ shopping journey via frictionless commerce

Streamline the checkout experience

Over 79% of customers expect their order shipping to be on the same day. Moreover, a lot of customers consider BOPIS (aka buy online pick up in-store) and other fulfillment choices as a crucial factor to their purchasing journey. Therefore, firms that want to thrive in omnichannel retail should streamline the checkout experience. 

For example, you can provide a user-friendly overview of crucial product details and create a Call To Action button with high visibility. Also, guarantee the transparency of the checkout procedure. Moreover, you should clarify the delivery timeline and make the payment process simple. Furthermore, you can use a suitable tech to guarantee your customers can select the checkout choices that have their orders shipped on the same day.

Utilize consumer data

To be successful with frictionless commerce and enhance your customers’ shopping journey, you need to understand their shopping experience. In other words, you should know who your customers are to create winning business plans. Also, you should grasp what goods categories and check-out choices are the favorites of your customers in various dimensions. These can be geolocation or channels like Facebook. After that, you can utilize this data to develop improved and suitable commerce experiences. In the end, you can boost the conversion rate.

In conclusion, frictionless commerce is beneficial because it helps improve your business performance. If you want to find out more about it, reach us now.

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