Customer Stories: The Sewing Studio

Customer Stories: The Sewing Studio

Started over 40 years ago in Cornwall, The Sewing Studio now is one of the largest sewing machines dealers in the United Kingdom, specializing in sewing machines, embroidery machines, sewing accessories and patchwork fabric. For The Sewing Studio, they focus on providing excellent services across all the sales channels, plus competitive price that can match even the biggest shops.

The Challenge

Last year, The Sewing Studio decided to migrate both of their websites and to Magento 2 for a better digital experience. Before the migration, they had a dedicated POS system but now they wanted to find a POS system that can work right out-of-the-box with Magento. Since their shop operators have got used to the former dedicated POS system, “any integrated POS system working with Magento had a lot to live up to”, said Matt Timmins, I.T. Manager of The Sewing Studio.

Besides, since The Sewing Studio focuses much on customer experience, they wanted to unify their showroom with their online stores and create a seamless shopping flow for their customers.

The Challenge

The Solution

Matt expressed his satisfaction with ConnectPOS system, “We are delighted to say that ConnectPOS has passed the test with flying colours”. It works smoothly with their Magento 2 websites, even when they upgraded it from Magento 2.1 to Magento 2.2 earlier this year. The Magento content, including products, stock, special prices, special offers…and customers are synchronized fully with the tills at the showroom. The Magento core features the team needs all work, making it easy for them to run their websites and POS as one system.

But it didn’t stop there. The Sewing Studio wanted to further extend the synchronization between the websites and the showroom by investing in other Magento extensions that ConnectPOS already integrates with, including Multi-warehouse Inventory, Reward Points, and Gift Cards. These functions will work both on Magento stores and in ConnectPOS at the click of a checkbox in the account settings.

The Solution

For stock control system, ConnectPOS is integrated with Embedded ERP from BoostMyShop, allowing the team to know which stock they have at which warehouse without having to consult Magento admin. “This extended stock control feature is a real time saver for backstock when working at the till,” Matt happily shares.

The Sewing Studio also uses Gift Cards and Reward Points extensions from Aheadworks. These extensions allow their customers to buy and redeem gift cards online, and earn reward points for their purchases – to use as discounts for future purchases. ConnectPOS is integrated with these extensions so the features listed above are available to be purchased, redeemed and earned directly at the till. Their customers now regularly buy a gift card online for a friend and then visit the showroom and redeem that gift card code, and vice versa. “They love that their reward points can be earned and redeemed instore and online too,” says Matt.

It is noteworthy that ConnectPOS uses a browser and works on many devices, so The Sewing Studio can use their existing PC’s and receipt printers, which helps save a substantial setup cost (and as a business, they really like it!)

The Solution

Last but not least, Matt also compliments the Development Team and Support Team of ConnectPOS, “Magento 2 works in a certain way, and there can be many challenges and conflicts that can challenge the most experienced developers. It is my pleasure to recommend the team behind ConnectPOS… technically brilliant, polite and attentive to feature requests and bugs, and always working extra hours to bridge the time difference to us here in the UK.”

The Results

With an omnichannel Magento system consisting of web stores and the showroom, The Sewing Studio has seen a significant rise in their sales, and more important, customer satisfaction. ‘Seamless shopping experience’ is now another reason added to the long list why the customers have chosen The Sewing Studio. “If you’re looking to run your Business with Magento 2, instore and online, I certainly would not hesitate in recommending the ConnectPOS system. It really is worth having a Trial to see how ConnectPOS can transform your business,” Matt concluded.

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    Ivy K

    Thank you for sharing your experience with this company and software. My friend in Seattle, WA has been thinking about using this product to help their tailoring business. I’ll make sure to share this with them so that they can be confident in trying it out.