ConnectPOS Customer Screen

The world's first wireless customer monitor for POS. An effective marketing tool at Point of Sale which is easy to set up, manage and scale.

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An innovative touch-point Customer Screen to communicate with customers, collect customer information and trigger the right buying moment with AI recommendation.

Easier, Cheaper, and 100% wireless

Increase transparency & enhance customer experience with an interactive touchpoint experience

Your customers can interact right on the Customer Screen to:

  • Review items before paying
  • Receive last-minute recommendation
  • Sign
  • Type email and leave rating

Centralize advertisement management over store chains

Shop owners can set up advertisements to display immediately on all Customer Screens over their store chains, without going to the store.

There are options of creating advertisement by uploading photos/ videos to Magento, or by adding Youtube url.

Save your effort with 100% wireless

ConnectPOS Customer Screen requires no wire, no set up but still ensures real time synchronization between devices.

Save your money and easy to scale up

Built as a web based application, ConnectPOS Customer Screen can work on any device. Save your budget from buying hardware and scaling up your business!

Power your store with the best POS combined with Wireless Customer Screen

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ConnectPOS Facial Recognition

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