Create your own dashboard for WooCommerce storeLana DJune 23, 2022
Create your own dashboard for WooCommerce store

Creating your dashboard for WooCommerce stores should be the focus of your eCommerce business. In this post, we point out why you should consider the WooCommerce dashboard customization steps and plugins you can utilize to customize your WooCommerce account page.

Why is creating your own dashboard for WooCommerce stores important?

The WooCommerce dashboard is among the essential aspects of shops on this eCommerce platform because you are highly likely to exploit options on your dashboard. For example, it may be necessary to include important specifics like addresses, payment options, etc. This will help your visitors know better about you and enjoy your best service.

Top best plugins for WooCommerce account page customization

SS WooCommerce My Account Ajax Tabs

This tool is valuable for merchants looking to add a personal touch to their account page. Here, you can tweak the tab style and have no problem converting the account tab. Also, this intuitive and lightweight plugin focuses significantly on the account page tab links, which facilitates tab link navigation without having to reload the page.

Highlights of this WooCommerce dashboard plugin:

  • Customize the account page easily
  • Provide various tab styles such as flat
  • Enable automatic conversion of additional tabs into additional link submenu
  • Enable seamless conversion of the WooCommerce account page into ajax tabs

Customize My Account page for WooCommerce

It is another recommended plugin for WooCommerce dashboard customization. Created by Themegrill, it is a robust plugin for businesses who want to enhance the shopping experience in their shop. Judging by the name, you can have a good idea of its use. This plugin will help you to customize your account page on WooCommerce. Here, feel free to insert extra menus and tabs. Furthermore, with this plugin, you can build endpoints for payment methods and other different details.

Highlights of this WooCommerce dashboard plugin:

  • Preview your account page
  • Have no difficulty in adding custom CSS
  • Work on spacings, margins, and so on
  • Revise the page’s links, text, as well as endpoints
  • Add particular endpoints, depending on user roles

WooCommerce My Account page plugin

This allows you to modify your account page according to your specific needs. Here, you are able to utilize a text editor to easily edit the page as well as present every important information to visitors. Also, this plugin offers the proper features for building new endpoints on your account page.

Highlights of this Woocommerce dashboard plugin:

  • Provide you with many menu styles
  • Modify the page with shortcodes
  • Build new endpoints, depending on users’ role
  • Group a series of endpoints
  • Utilize WYSIWYG Editor for editing endpoint according to your specific needs

More than these plugins, you may want to rely on ConnectPOS for customizing POS on WooCommerce aside from dashboard customization. This leading POS solution provider can support you in developing the most suitable POS solution for your store. CRM, payment gateways, etc., you name it, and let ConnectPOS do the integration job.

In conclusion, by reading this post, you can create your own dashboard for WooCommerce stores. For more information about the woocommerce dashboard, call us.

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