Create omnichannel journey with Commercetools real-time synchronization Steven P March 15, 2023
Create omnichannel journey with Commercetools real-time synchronization
Create omnichannel journey with Commercetools real-time synchronization

Synchronization is an essential need of today’s online businesses, especially in this competitive eCommerce market. Business users are always looking for and prefer tools that can support real-time synchronization to make their omnichannel journey seamless and profitable. In this article, we would like to introduce a great tool to help businesses fulfill their desires, which is Commercetools real-time synchronization.

Overview of Commercetools and Commercetools real-time synchronization

Commercetools is a cloud-based headless commerce solution that helps build the data block for businesses in the new era of digital commerce. The platform offers a leading-edge API (Application Programming Interface) approach that helps retailers build brand value through the help of commerce teams to create unique experiences. Besides, real-time synchronization refers to a feature provided by modern commerce solutions that makes backing up business data in real time extremely professional and convenient. With the move to cloud-based systems, synchronization is an important tool to automatically save changes and maintain consistency across multiple systems, thereby helping businesses better manage operations. 

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Create omnichannel journey with Commercetools real-time synchronization

Commercetools real-time synchronization is a solution of this commerce platform that enables synchronizing and updating data on the same platform or on the system of business with the Commercetools website. Compared to many other software solutions, Commercetools real-time synchronization feature syncs in a faster, easier and safer way. Users can easily synchronize and backup files and folders between different folders, drives, or over a local network to other computers, over the Internet, or from an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. In addition to real-time file synchronization and monitoring, this software also provides a flexible scheduling tool so that users can sync regularly and automatically.

Create omnichannel journey with Commercetools real-time synchronization

Commercetools real-time synchronization is a great tool for helping businesses create an omnichannel journey. Retailers are moving towards an omnichannel interaction model that caters to customers across multiple platforms. Therefore, this tool of Commercetools will help merchants collect consumer information, identify their behavior, and offer the most appropriate options. What businesses need to do is connect their administration system to this commercial platform and set up real-time synchronization to ensure fast and efficient use. 

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Create omnichannel journey with Commercetools real-time synchronization

To create a seamless journey for shoppers, retailers need to first learn about their shopping behavior and record the necessary information. Once you understand the stages of consumer behavior, you need to list the touch points that can interact with your customers. Omnichannel experiences happen when firms successfully integrate customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. A customer journey map then needs to be created and made sure to provide the necessary information such as products, pricing and offers, customer service and support, ordering and shipping. This is a perfect journey for both the seller and the buyer so that the process is seamless, saving time and costs.

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ConnectPOS is a full-featured point-of-sale system that caters to retailers conducting business across multiple channels of sale. This solution can connect directly to Commercetools and its sync feature. In addition, ConnectPOS also provides real-time synchronization through centralized data and intelligent management to help users easily update information and quickly create a seamless buying experience for buyers on omnichannel sales.

Create omnichannel journey with Commercetools real-time synchronization


Commercetools real-time synchronization brings a new experience to both sellers and buyers in the omnichannel journey. This not only promotes the omnichannel activities of businesses but also gives consumers convenience when shopping, helping them achieve their needs without wasting time and effort. If you are looking for support to connect with this solution, feel free to contact us.

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