Do you control the product category the right way? Lana D March 15, 2022
Do you control the product category the right way?
category control

Arranging your goods as well as their related information is the base of a good online shop. But do you control the product category the right way? Here, we look at the essentials of category control for a thriving business.

Category control definition

Category control (also referred to as product categorization) involves controlling goods in a way connecting them by how relevant they are. It narrows down large categories into less sizable ones. Every category sees goods whose similar characteristics or tags are grouped logically. 

For instance, when you visit a grocery location, you can reasonably seek milk in the dairy zone. On an online shop, for example, Walmart, to discover a bed lamp, you find furniture and after that look for the category most particular to your demands such as home furniture. 

It is worth mentioning that ConnectPOS has strong support for category control. ConnectPOS is one of the leading point of sale solution providers. With this, the product hierarchy is as intuitive as possible, so it allows customers to look for products easily.

Steps to perfecting category control

Define data sources

You should realize where you now get every one of your goods’ information stored. As the goods information is put away in various locations, it is crucial to begin with defining where they are.

Collect every product information

It is similar to when you arrange your house. When you want to figure out how to set up your space, we suggest laying out all the things in front of you after taking them out. Then, decide which items to keep or get rid of. After that, decide the way to organize your space. This approach also applies to your goods. 

Generate logical relationships between goods for easy category control

Let’s move on to category generation. Now, visualizing what buckets to put goods in should be simple. A lot of the categories do not need explanation. That is because these are in connection with product characteristics.

Optimize every naming convention

Check out every naming convention. We mean every category, subcategory, goods page, goods title, feature, etc. 

Think about the customer’s psychology

For the practical category management you should place yourself in the target customers’ shoes. Knowing how they tend to shop is critical to managing your goods categories.

Enhance your category control

Consider feedback to enhance your product categorization’s quality. On the one hand, product hierarchy does not need to have a straightforward translation to the navigation menu. Yet, on the other hand, it somehow affects it. 

Scale the category control

When your business flourishes, you can scale the product categorization. For example, when you add more product series, continually returning to the goods categories is necessary. So, it is crucial to have a good categorization at first. This should take your business objectives into consideration.

All in all, we hope that you have a better idea of category control after reading this post. Should you wish to find out more about it and ConnectPOS with strong support for category control, contact us today. 

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