Contentful + Commercetools flexible APIs for content and commerce Steven P December 14, 2022
Contentful + Commercetools flexible APIs for content and commerce
Getting started with commercetools API Playground

For a successful digital business, it’s not just about e-commerce tools, but also tools that help attract customers to buy products. Whether you are a small business or a growing business, it is important to have an e-commerce business accompanied by content creation on the website. In this article, we would like to introduce Contentful Commercetools flexible APIs (application programming interfaces) for content and commerce.

Overview of Contentful Commercetools

Content is at the heart of every digital experience, and in today’s marketplace, as businesses are transitioning to modern e-commerce, they also need to modernize their content to ship products faster and provide a steady stream of content. Contentful is a leading content platform that enables you to create, manage and distribute content for omnichannel businesses. Unlike traditional CMS (Content Management System), it gives businesses complete freedom to create their own content model so they can decide what content they want to manage. This tool is built to work well with a flexible stack, giving developers the tools they need to quickly and efficiently build any type of app for any device. Content creators can build their own pages and update content in parallel with development for maximum speed to market.

Contentful + Commercetools flexible APIs for content and commerce

Commercetools is a commerce tools application that allows editors to easily add products and product categories directly from their commercetools account and reference it in the Contents sections.

Contentful Commercetools is an effective combination for flexible APIs between content and commerce

Contentful + Commercetools flexible APIs for content and commerce

Contentful Commercetools empowers e-commerce businesses to power shopping platforms that focus on customer experience. It differs from any traditional CMS in that it is developer-friendly and designed to be cross-platform from the start. E-commerce businesses can easily add it to their existing store technology, creating a content experience that truly inspires and delivers to any new or old channel.

Contentful + Commercetools flexible APIs for content and commerce

Contentful Commercetools offers flexible and convenient extensibility. Whereas traditional systems have limited user interfaces and users have to rely heavily on developers to update copy, create new page templates or publish changes. This affects the ability of brands to operate at the pace of modern commerce. However, this hybrid modern system has a wide range of integrations from custom user interfaces to workflow management, thereby giving users the freedom to extend the platform and build apps independently. In addition, the solution also allows you to focus on content. It doesn’t restrict people to edit or design with templates and themes. This goes a long way in creating and maintaining inspirational content.

Contentful Commercetools is an API-first CMS, so it can be simply integrated into existing e-commerce technology. That means you won’t have to throw away all your engineering investments and start over. Moreover, it also allows e-commerce businesses to develop in a variety of languages.

Integrating Contentful Commercetools 

To integrate Contentful Commercetools, business need to have an account with commercetools and content type with the short text type field.

Firstly, users need to install the app and create a new commercetools ‘API Client’ to get credentials that they can use with the app. Then, select Products or Product Categories from commercetools. To reference a product or product category from Contentful items, a business can perform a navigation to the content page. Here, you can search for products by name or SKU (Stock – Keeping Unit) and select what is needed and save the selection.

Contentful + Commercetools flexible APIs for content and commerce


Integrating Contentful Commercetools will give businesses flexible APIs that support content and commerce, thereby attracting more customers. Contact us for assistance with connecting to this system.

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