ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change? Steven P November 9, 2022
ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?
ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?

Businesses and brands are always looking for the best tools that support their business operations to create good results in today’s fierce competition. Notably, a suitable POS system is the best tool for businesses in the current market. However, choosing the right system among the numerous existing systems is difficult. Therefore, in this article, we would like to provide a comparison between ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS to help businesses consider and make the right choice to change.

Overview of ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS

ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?

ConnectPOS is known as a fully functional POS Retail System software solution for all enterprises. In addition, it is an easy to use and quite an economical system that is especially suitable for small and medium businesses looking for an uncomplicated POS solution. 

ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?

Shopify POS is a popular point of sale system and is appreciated by many retailers worldwide. With omnichannel retail, smart inventory management and integrated payment processor features, it is a POS system suitable for most businesses thanks to the economic offering of service packages and the uncomplicated usage.

The similarities of ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS

Omnichannel selling

When it comes to omnichannel retail, both ConnectPOS and Shopify POS strongly support this feature. Notable ones in this feature are sending carts to buy online and integrating all multiple stores. Sending carts to buy online is sending customers emails with items they are interested in so they can choose to buy online. This will help increase the rate of customers buying more thanks to direct-to-customer marketing.

Along with that, integrating all multiple stores is connecting and synchronizing data about orders, customers, or goods to ensure the most favorable multi-channel business. For chain stores or brands, this will be a necessary feature to ensure that products between stores are always rotated, reducing inventory rates for businesses.

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ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?

Smart inventory management

Both ConnectPOS and Shopify POS solutions feature intelligent inventory management and are appreciated by retailers. This feature of the two systems includes support for tracking inventory so that businesses stay up-to-date on inventory along with easily assigning products to different sales channels and locations. Quantity and inventory data will automatically update when an order is fulfilled from that source. In addition, the low stocks report feature helps stores get warnings about low stock levels based on the current sales rate and sales time for each supplier.

ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?


One standout feature that both POS systems have is the checkout feature. In particular, in this feature, retailers and users pay special attention to order notes and tax calculations. Order notes make it easy for businesses to keep track of their customers’ special requests and respond to detailed needs by attaching notes to orders. Along with that, Tax calculation will be calculated automatically based on your store location. Businesses can choose to turn off taxes or set custom taxes for a specific product or order.

The difference between ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS


ConnectPOS provides the two most powerful features for users Centralized data and Customization. When it comes to the Centralized data feature, ConnectPOS is capable of syncing data in real-time of any store and updating all information on one platform to optimize management. In addition, to increase the robustness of information management, the ConnectPOS system also provides another software – The Multi-Source Inventory (MSI). When businesses combine this Centralized data feature and MSI software, they will efficiently manage all information from inventory to the customer at multiple locations. This helps companies reduce risks and increase revenue.

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ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?

Along with Centralized data, Customization is also an enhanced benefit that ConnectPOS provides to users. This feature is appreciated above other competitors in the same industry because this system supports the right customer needs, thereby helping them easily expand their business to a larger market. This service is offered with stronger on-demand integration and can be tailored without purchase in a non-fixable package. This is a great service that makes it easy for businesses and brands to personalize the system that best suits their needs. Besides, this enhanced feature can be adjusted to fit their customers’ existing systems, plus can integrate with other third parties such as the Paypal payment gateway, Sage Intacct or Xero accounting software, ERP or CRM, according to business needs. 

Shopify POS

Meanwhile, for Shopify POS, retailers rate its most prominent feature as the Store builder. It’s a feature that helps businesses and brands build and expand their businesses by building online stores with thousands of themes, apps, and integrations. This makes it easy for businesses to build their own breed branding to capture the attention of their customers through a fully customizable website. The outstanding feature of building a store is building a website to sell products. 

ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?

Pricing plan and customer support

Pricing plan

When comparing the prices of ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS, it can be seen that the basic service plan that Shopify offers has the most reasonable price of $29 a month. Meanwhile, for ConnectPOS, this price is not too different. Notably, both of these POS systems offer a convenient 14-day trial version for customers to experience before being ready to pay.

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ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS: Is it the right choice to change?
Pricing plan of Shopify POS

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, it can be seen that Shopify POS is very focused on this when providing many support methods for users such as 24/7 support, Shopify Help Center and Shopify Community. Along with that, ConnectPOS is also well appreciated when it is always ready to work with customers and find solutions to customer problems. ConnectPOS also supports any repair requests, providing 24/7 customer service with chat desks and WhatsApp groups to help users get instant support.

Is it the right choice to change?

Choosing between ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS is a difficult one because in terms of features, these are two systems that seem to balance each other. Therefore, businesses or brands need to base their own development needs to make an appropriate choice by assessing the strengths and outstanding features of each system above. Notably, both of these systems are a good alternatives for businesses to conduct business development, so choosing either one will be suitable for long-term planning.


ConnectPOS vs Shopify POS are both well worth the investment for businesses looking to grow their business long term, both are very dedicated to creating a seamless customer experience. 

If you are having trouble choosing a suitable POS system, feel free to contact us for the best support.

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