ConnectPOS and Convert Digital become strategic partners

ConnectPOS and Convert Digital become strategic partners

ConnectPOS is the leading Enterprise POS solution specifically built for medium to large-sized businesses, with an emphasis on scalability, high speed performance and stableness. Our merchants run both brick-and-mortar stores and Magento webstore on an omnichannel basic. That is why we not only focuses on developing a powerful tool as ConnectPOS to enable smooth operation at offline stores, but we also expand our partnership with agencies in terms of website development, in order to together create an integrated solution for our retailers.

We are happy to announce our official partnership with Convert Digitalthe leading E-commerce website development agency in Australia. Founded in 2014, Convert Digital has specialized in developing eCommerce website development, providing systems integration, web hosting services and offering online store management for medium to large-sized businesses using Magento 2, Shopify Plus or BigCommerce. Using a goal driven approach, they have created hundreds of clients’ success stories such as Tree of Life, Creswick, or Cadbury by elevating the value of their clients’ brands through thoughtfully designed experiences.

ConnectPOS and Convert Digital become strategic partners


The ConnectPOS and Convert Digital partnership is all about bringing seamless shopping experiences in both online and offline channels, all in a single package. While ConnectPOS provides a comprehensive, fast and scalable POS solution for brick-and-mortar stores, Convert Digital deals with online customer experience. This partnership is a part of ConnectPOS continuous effort to create an integrated eco-system or omnichannel retailers all over the world.

Good news is Convert Digital’s clients can benefit from exclusive discount and promotions when purchasing ConnectPOS, and vice versa. You can learn more about Convert Digital here:


If you want to become a ConnectPOS partner to earn impressive commission share and together create more integrated value for our mutual clients, please reach us via our Partner form: We would love to hear from you!

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