Choose the right inventory control system for your stores Lana D April 26, 2022
Choose the right inventory control system for your stores
inventory control system

Are you a first-timer when it comes to inventory control systems? Then, you should remember that meeting the needs of your shopper is not feasible in case you do not have the proper stock management. Having the proper one can help your company manage the goods better, improve customer retention, as well as boost shop operations. The best outcome is higher business success! Below, we help you in choosing the right inventory control system for your stores.

Cost versus functionalities evaluation

Answer these inquiries to decide what attributes you should find in your stock management system

First, does the number of staff need access to the system?

a. Only me

b. From 2 to 15 staff

c. Above 15 staff

Second, what is your business size?

a. About 1 shop

b. From 2 to 5 shops

c. Over 6 shops

Third, does your shop sell gift cards? Are they acceptable in your shop?

a. Nope, I do not plan to 

b. Not yet, yet I expect to

c. Yes

Fourth, is it necessary for your software to work well with a current Loyalty Program?

a. I do not plan to carry out a loyalty program.

b. I do not carry out a Loyalty Program yet. However, I expect to do it soon.

c. Yes

Fifth, does your shop have a range of locations? Is it necessary for it to have advanced promotions?

a. No. There is just 1 shop here. 

b. Yes. I have a range of shops. Yet, I am not certain whether they have different promotional demands. 

c. Yep. Each shop location has varied pricing plans. 

Sixth, does your company sell on a range of channels, for example, social media, physical or online stores?

a. No. There is just 1 shop here. 

b. There is a shop, application, or website here. Yet, they have no connection with one another. 

c. Yes. Therefore, stock support over the channels is necessary.

Do the result analysis to choose the right inventory control system

If your answers are almost A

Your stock control demands are for a less sizable business. Many features are not necessary. Yet, you should find a trusted system. This system should consolidate your corporate operations. Also, it should allow for some add-ons when your firm keeps growing.

If your answers are almost B

You operate a firm with a middle to big size. Moreover, you should find an inventory control system that can bring your firm to the next level. Very advanced attributes are not necessary. For example, it does not have to have attributes such as inventory transfers between outlets. However, be prepared for some tech support from the proper stock control system. 

If your answers are almost C

Your business expands over many locations. Therefore, you should find a system with the ability to assist you in controlling many factors across every one of your channels and shops, including pricing, inventory, promotions, as well as revenue monitoring.

Finally, if you want us to help find the best inventory control system for your needs, reach us now.

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