Centralized database 101: Is it right for your business? Lana D April 19, 2022
Centralized database 101: Is it right for your business?
centralized database

Are you wondering if a centralized database is right for your business? There are a lot of advantages to getting this type of database. For example, it can monitor stocks and product sales all over your business, however sizable it becomes.

Definition of centralized database 

A centralized database puts together data or the likes of them to one location accessible via various points. It is the contrast of a distributed database. The distributed database means the data gets spread out all around various sites.

For example, searches become quicker with a centralized database, because your search engine will find data in only one place. Therefore, the organization gets simple and quick.


Enhance information preservation

This type of database provides enhanced information preservation because of some reasons. Devices such as computers do not often give fault tolerance. Because of the inadequate fault tolerance, your information will be in danger of getting lost. However, the fault tolerance arrangement of the centralized database enables enhanced information preservation in case there is a hardware problem.

Enable ease of learning

With this database, you only need to understand a single system. Every procedure that your business has will stay in one access point. Therefore, this would decrease the difficulty in learning for end-users.

Enjoy information integrity with a centralized database

Information integrity is considered a crucial aspect of this kind of database. If you want your database to be in the most desirable status, the data need to have no redundancy. Repetitive information can affect the security-related protocol of your database. Therefore, thanks to a centralized database, keeping the data up-to-date will be simpler. So, you can get rid of any duplicates at once.

Enhance physical security

In case you do not know, locally kept information often has a danger to physical security. For example, laptops have the risk of being stolen. Furthermore, it may be risky in case some unauthorized people gain access to our database. Yet, thanks to an appropriate server room with high security, your database will stay safe and sound. 

Enhance speed and trustworthiness

Centralized database tends to need components with more quality. Therefore, compared to local storage, it is more trustworthy. Furthermore, in case somebody wants to access data, centralized storage enables simpler virtualization as well as access. 

Decrease Costs

When you use the centralized database, you can decrease costs related to many things. For example, compared to maintaining many access destinations for your database, this type would cost less. Moreover, this central server is more affordable in case there are various branches in your business. Just calculate how expensive it may be in case you have a lot of branches all over the world, all of which have their own database. 

In conclusion, you should choose a centralized database in case you have quick updates, access, as well as storage. Especially, getting a top POS system such as ConnectPOS will help you utilize this database the best. Call us for more help.

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