Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies Steven P November 16, 2022
Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies
Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies

Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season. This is a golden time for both online and brick-and-mortar retailers as well as consumers to make purchases. Especially, thanks to the development of e-commerce in recent years, the business world on Black Friday is even more exciting. In this article, we would like to give you our top 10 ideas, tips, and strategies to help you win this Black Friday commerce season.

Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Ideas, Tips, and Strategies

Run Black Friday promotion programs 

Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies

Black Friday commerce is the time when stores and brands run promotions to kick off the festive shopping process. Businesses can launch discounts for individual products or specific product categories instead of discounting the entire store. This will help businesses generate incremental sales with higher profit margins and easily attract longer email subscribers and visitors. Besides, running these promotions also helps businesses better manage their inventory, orders, and future promotions.

Target VIP customers

On this special occasion, you should target your VIP customers. Businesses should create a variety of discounts and offers for their best customers. Black Friday commerce will be the time when they are ready to spend and this is an opportunity to engage them with the brand longer.

Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies

Start advertising early

Stores and brands can start ads earlier on media social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter during the Black Friday occasion. This keeps them both informed to customers and allows them time to test and learn, to find out what creative works best, and to help engage customers.

Predict trends through social media

Before Black Friday, brands can make contact with customers and collect their emails so they can predict upcoming shopping trends. In addition, businesses can leverage social media platforms with hashtags to gather consumer opinions and thereby forecast their shopping habits.

Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies

Optimize for mobile-first buying

Most of today’s consumers use their phones for many hours every day and that includes shopping they will also do on their phones. So if your mobile site experience isn’t up to par with your competitors, customers will spend that time elsewhere. Therefore, businesses and stores need to optimize the shopping experience on the phone during Black Friday commerce.

Improve website navigation

To improve your website navigation, you need to improve the search functionality of your site. This will make navigating your site quick to find holiday gifts. Stores and businesses need tools to easily analyze real-time data, which can help find and update product data faster, especially on the occasion.

Simplify checkout process

Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies

To boost consumers’ purchases on Black Friday, stores need to reduce barriers to buying in place to assist them in increasing impulsive purchases. So, if you want to increase sales by doing Black Friday commerce, you allow your customers to go through a quick checkout process with their information stored securely.

Invest in post–Black Friday loyalty

Customers in a store loyalty program typically spend more than regular customers. So when you invest in customer loyalty after Black Friday, it helps them stay engaged with your brand longer.

Prepare a Black Friday shipping and returns plan

On this occasion, selling on e-commerce sites is prominent and popular. Therefore, businesses must carefully prepare quick shipping and simple returns. The preparation of these plans will help businesses reduce the risks in the shipping and return process.

Upsell and cross-sell products

Black Friday Ecommerce: 10 Idea, Tips, and Strategies

Upselling and cross-selling is an effective sales tactics on any occasion, especially Black Friday. Upselling refers to the technique of selling higher value aimed at products that customers buy or are interested in buying by adding features and uses to that product. Meanwhile, cross-selling is a technique to sell other products which are related to the ones that customers want to buy. Combining these two tactics, the business will reap great revenue during this commercial occasion.


Black Friday commerce will help businesses and brands gain a great source of profit. If you are looking for a tool to support your upcoming business, contact us.

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