The Most Outstanding BigCommerce POS In The USA Market

ConnectPOS is a must have component that every modern omnichannel business in the US needs to maximize their profit
Discover the robust features of ConnectPOS
Monitor all operational activities from a centralized platform
  • Enable staff in your BigCommerce stores to create orders with products that are temporarily out of stock.
  • Timely fulfilling customers' requirements right after your POS system receives their orders.
  • Increase accuracy of your inventory management with Stocktake regardless of how many stores and warehouses you are monitoring across America.
Develop the most convenient shopping experience in the US market
  • Reduce queuing and waiting time by developing and offering American a 3-step checkout (Add to cart, Choose payment and Pay) on any devices.
  • Provide customers with second screens in every cashier counters to help them better keep track of their purchased shopping carts.
  • Add and customize shipping address as well as calculate delivery fees to particular states in the US directly in ConnectPOS
Better understanding about the American market and customers
  • Automatically gather data and produce in depth reports on your business performance and the changes in the US market.
  • Customize receipt templates based on different purposes or US customers.
Designed for the US omnichannel retailers

Count and save stock level accurately at every time period

Custom Sales

Allow customers to order products that are not available in stores

Second Screen

Provide wireless second screen to help customers monitor their purchase


Customize receipt template based on particular purposes

3-Step Checkout

Speed up checkout process within 3 steps

24/7 Free Support

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Receive greater achievements with our BigCommerce POS in America!