Explore The Leading BigCommerce POS System In The UK Market

Grow your business in the UK with ConnectPOS on BigCommerce. We charge no additional fees for third-party payments!

See how ConnectPOS can leverage your store
Customers’ shopping experience being the most important
  • Support multiple payment methods, including cash, cards, and split tenders. Major payment gateways in the UK, such as PayPal or Authorize.net, are integrated.
  • Provide a seamless omnichannel experience that connects offline and online channels (e.g., buy online and pick up in store).
  • Offer a PWA Consumer App for self-checkout and barcode scanning.
  • Provide wireless customer screens at the checkout counter.
Well-organized inventory
  • Have real-time synchronization between your inventory levels at different stores and warehouses.
  • Easily search products by their names, SKU, QR codes, or barcodes.
  • Activate Offline Mode when you have no Internet connection. Inventory changes will be automatically updated in the system when you are online again.
  • Support wholesalers to sell in large quantities.
Great insights into your business and customers
  • Own more than 20 auto-generated reports for further analysis.
  • Save customers’ shopping habits to make personalized recommendations.
  • Keep track of each item’s selling trends with a powerful POS in the UK.
What makes ConnectPOS stand out in the UK market?
Real-time Synchronization

Stay updated about changes in your different locations

Omnichannel Experience

Let your customers shop across online and offline platforms

Cutting-Edge Technology

Including PWA Consumer App, wireless second screen

24/7 Free Support

Have your problems solved as soons as possible

Wholesale Performance Supported

Support selling in large quantities

No Additional Fees For Third-Party Payments

You only pay to third-party providers, and we take no charge

Start writing your success in the UK with our BigCommerce POS!