A Top-Notch BigCommerce POS System In The Netherlands

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Increased customer satisfaction
  • Offer the most cutting-edge technology to improve the shopping experience, such as accessing product information with the PWA Consumer App, or recognizing customers with AI Facial Recognition.
  • Develop the best loyalty program with an integrated Reward Points System.
  • Support multiple currencies and encourage more international transactions.
A faster and more convenient checkout process
  • A POS in The Netherlands that is compatible with multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Accept multiple payment options, ranging from cash/debit/credit cards to split tenders and layaways.
  • Enable self-checkout during busy shopping period. No more long waiting queues before Sinterklaas or King’s Day!
Powerful yet easy-to-use business tools
  • Provide multiple inventory management tools, such as multi-warehouse management or real-time synchronization between your online stores and POS system.
  • Support BigCommerce wholesale performance to sell a large number of products. Become an active wholesaler in the most powerful logistics country.
  • Have 20+ auto-generated reports ready for analysis.
A Multi-Functioning BigCommerce POS
Real-time Synchronization

Receive immediate changes from your online store into the system

Omnichannel Experience

Buy online, then choose delivery or pick up in store

Multiple Payment Options

Various payment gateways and transaction methods (e.g, split tenders, layaways)

Customer Loyalty Programs

With integrated Reward Points System

Wholesale Performance Supported

Sell more and gain more

No Extra Fee For Third-Party Transactions

Only pay to third-party providers

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