The Ideal BigCommerce POS For Retail Business In France

With ConnectPOS, omnichannel retailers in France are able to create a streamlined connection between physical and digital sales channels

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BigCommerce POS for French retailers

How ConnectPOS is designed for the French market

BigCommerce POS for stores in France

Manage sales, orders and inventory in your BigCommerce stores at ease and simplicity

  • Instantly update completed in-store orders into the POS systems to support BigCommerce retail owners easily follow the visibility of their stock.
  • Accurately report stock numbers in every warehouse location after each counting.
  • Monitor and move stock among different stores and warehouses across France right in the setting screen to ensure an appropriate quantity of products.
BigCommerce POS for giftshops in France

Retain valuable customers by developing and providing the best service in the France

  • Award French consumers with price or loyalty programs such as gift cards, points, discounts, coupons, etc to encourage repeat purchases.
  • Enrich customer shopping experience in your BigCommerce stores by enabling them to search for their expected products and self checkout without queueing or waiting.
  • Send uncompleted orders to customer online carts or wish lists and create notification or promo codes to trigger sales.
BigCommerce POS for French stationery

In-depth understand your BigCommerce business and stay updated with every changes in the French market

  • Produce more than 20 insightful reports covering every aspect of your stores and French market to make future strategies for your BigCommerce business.
  • Enables retail owners to monitor every change in cash adjustment and staff activities in BigCommerce stores during working hours.

ConnectPOS helps your BigCommerce business stay competitive

Quotes Management

Report stock numbers accurately after each counting

Multi Stores And Warehouses Management

Monitor and transfer stock among multiple warehouses or stores

Loyalty programs

Create special programs to reward loyal customers

20+ insightful reports

Automatically conduct more than 20 insightful reports from in-hand data


Open to all customization

24/7 Free Support

We offer the best support to our valued customers

Enhance your business in France with our ConnectPOS

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