Empower Your Australian Store With The Leading BigCommerce POS

Trusted by 100+ BigCommerce stores, ConnectPOS can assist businesses in Australia to boost sales and achieve their goals

A powerful BigCommerce POS
Provide a seamless omnichannel experience for Australian consumers
  • Offer excellent click-and-collect features that enable customers to buy online and pick up in store.
  • Check features of in-store products digitally by scanning the QR/ barcode with the PWA Consumer App.
  • Recognize customers to display the targeted messages and promotions on their social networks.
Maintain a faster and more secure checkout process
  • Multiple payment methods supported with reliable payment integrations in Australia. Let customers pay in cash, cards, or reward points without worrying about security.
  • Offer interactive second screen at the checkout counter for customers to check/ enter information.
  • We take no charge in your third-party transactions. You only need to pay directly to the third-party providers.
Understand and keep track of your Australian business
  • Own more than 20 auto-generated reports, which can be easily filtered by staff, registers, or payment methods.
  • Stay up-to-date about essential information, such as orders, products, or taxation. This information will be real-time synced between your inventory and our BigCommerce POS.
  • Besides retailers, ConnectPOS also supports Australian wholesalers to sell more in large quantities.
What is special about ConnectPOS?
Real-time Synchronization

Between your inventory and our BigCommerce POS

Omnichannel Shopping Journey

Connect the shopping experience between online and offline places

Customizable Options

Build the plan that best suits your business

24/7 Free Support

From our professional team

Wholesale Performance Supported

Help wholesalers to sell in larger quantities

No Extra Fee Required

For third-party transactions

Level up your business in Australia with our BigCommerce POS