A High-Rating BigCommerce POS For Hobbies Stores

It’s time to boost your sales and take better care of your customers’ hobbies with ConnectPOS

How ConnectPOS can improve your hobbies store
Gain full control over your products
  • Easily add, remove or edit items on Magento.
  • Have your orders, tax, or inventory status automatically synced between your different stores and warehouses.
  • Organize your products based on different variations, such as price, colors, purposes, etc.
  • Support wholesalers to monitor their large inventory, for example, with a POS for plant shop or POS for game.
Provide an enjoyable shopping experience
  • By scanning the QR codes with the PWA Consumer App, customers can access the extensive features of each item in the physical store.
  • Maintain an excellent omnichannel shopping experience with click-and-collect features.
  • Develop the most appealing loyalty programs with special discounts based on a Reward Points System.
Build a speedy and accurate checkout process
  • Accept multiple payment options, either by cash, cards, or split tenders.
  • Compatible with multiple devices, including portable ones such as tablets or mobile phones.
  • Have an interactive second screen at the checkout counters for shoppers to view their buying list before making a purchase.
A powerful Magento POS for every hobbies store
Speedy Product Search

Easily look for a product variant

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Allow customers to buy online and pick up in store

Real-time Synchronization

Stay up-to-date about your inventory status in multiple locations

24/7 Free Support

From our customer support team, without any charge

Wholesale Performance Supported

Sell your items in larger quantities

Multiple Payment Options

Support different payment types (e.g., cash or credit cards) and split tenders

Empower your BigCommerce hobbies store with ConnectPOS!