A Beneficial POS For BigCommerce Health Products Business

ConnectPOS enables you to smoothly and productively run your supplement stores from everywhere in the world

How ConnectPOS helps your health food shops
Reduce processing time and increase BigCommerce business proficiency by automating multiple tasks
  • Guarantee the accuracy of the stock counting and reporting process in your health products warehouse with Stocktake.
  • Develop a streamlined sales process and higher fill rate by allowing not yet available supplements to be added into carts.
  • Strictly follow tax rules and synchronize tax settings with your supplement store in order to timely calculate taxes even when the Internet access suddenly goes down.
Design an easy and enjoyable shopping experience to better satisfy customers
  • Support buyers to reduce searching and queueing time by usine PWA App to add select and purchase supplement products.
  • Offer customers individual discounts or other price programs for selected heath foods or wholesale bills.
  • Create, customize and send receipt templates depending on certain purposes.
Avoid mistakes or frauds by regularly reviewing and analyzing business performance
  • Assign staff for particular tasks and evaluate their performance based on all data of working shifts.
  • Exports more than 20 insightful reports that are automatically generated found on business data in hand.
Keeping your store on top-of-mind by adopting our robust BigCommerce Point-Of-Sale

Count and save the exact stock level in warehouse to ensure smooth product supply

Custom Sales

Create bill with not yet available products and individual discounts

Tax Settings

Adjust and calculate taxes directly on ConnectPOS


Customize receipt templates for different requirements


Allow customers to search and buy products with PWA App

24/7 free support

Always willing to help your handle your problems

Let ConnectPOS help you to emerge stronger from the health product industry