The Greatest BigCommerce POS For Homeware Retailers

ConnectPOS is designed to bring great values for your omnichannel interior furniture businesses
How ConnectPOS grows BigCommerce home decor stores
Develop an outstanding omnichannel shopping experience
  • Allow customers to buy their expected home essentials online and return/ exchange in stores if there are any problems with their orders.
  • Accurately count and record stock numbers to avoid inventory issues such as understock or overstock.
  • Enable buyers to purchase interiors that are not available in particular stores.
  • Accept buying furniture online and picking up in-store.
Fulfill customer requirements with flexible services
  • Enable customers to use reward points whenever they make purchases in any of your furnishing depots.
  • Apply special discounts on specific interior categories or buyers’ personal shopping carts.
  • Provide up to 20 different payment methods without any extra transaction fee for third-party providers.
  • Create new orders as a 'quote' that doesn't require immediate purchase. Customers are then informed about pricing via their emails or receipt paper.
Effectively streamline BigCommerce store workflows
  • Manage different working shifts among employees.
  • Assign staff’s role and control their performance in every furniture store.
  • Facilitate interior store owners to grow their wholesale business.
The leading BigCommerce point-of-sale for homeware studio
Loyal Customer Programs

Offer and allow customer to purchase with discounts or gift cards

Buy Online and Return In Store

Enable customers to make purchases online and return items in person


Customize POS system to fit your business


Count and record stock number accurately

Support Wholesale Business

Support wholesalers to enhance their operating process

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