The Top-Notch BigCommerce POS System For Your Food & Drink Store

Empower your food and beverage business with ConnectPOS
Explore our leading food and drink POS features
Offer customers the handiest search for food and beverage
  • Provide click-and-collect features to pay online and pick up in store. Finding items for a party now can be done just by a click.
  • Support easy and quick refund or exchange activities. We help you serve the strictest customers.
  • Allow self-checkout during busy hours. No more long waiting lines in a physical store.
  • Accept multiple payment options (e.g., cash, cards, or split tenders).
Gain insights into your business and customers
  • Have more than 20 auto-generated reports that assist you in future business analysis. Reports can be filtered by registers, staff members, or payment types.
  • Save customers’ purchasing history for the loyalty programs or personalized recommendations in the next shopping session.
Provide excellent inventory management tools
  • Monitor multiple store locations and warehouses. ConnectPOS has real-time synchronization to keep you updated with the latest changes in every location.
  • Have offline and online modes for your BigCommerce POS. Save all data from orders even without an Internet connection.
  • Support selling food or drinks in large quantities for wholesalers.
Discover what makes ConectPOS stand out
Real-time Synchronization

Stay updated with changes in multiple locations

Wholesale Performance

Support selling foods and drinks in larger quantities

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Buy online and pick up in store

24/7 Free Support

From our professional team

Customizable Options

Only select your needed BigCommerce POS features

Flexible Payment Options

Accept various payment options, such as split tenders and laybys

Upgrade your restaurant with the best BigCommerce POS