BigCommerce features that set your business apart Lana D July 1, 2022
BigCommerce features that set your business apart
BigCommerce features

A lot of retail businesses lean towards using BigCommerce as a result of its large set of features. In this post, we shall present the BigCommerce features that set your business apart. Check them out!

Single Page Checkout

As you may already know, checkout has a crucial part in increasing sales in any eCommerce shop. In case shoppers are required to take many steps or fill a large form only to purchase an item, you will be highly likely to suffer customer fallout. A smooth checkout is important for a significant sales conversion rate. When your shoppers are the last step of the checkout, you had better not have your shoppers distracted.

You will like to use BigCommerce features in this regard. These platforms provide a one-page seamless checkout that never distracts shoppers. So, your shoppers will complete the buy quickly and successfully.

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Reduced Downtime

Similar to a lot of other cloud solutions, the uptime rate of BigCommerce is nearly 100%. It helps with sales and cements the trust of your purchasers. This platform adopts an off-site hosting system like Amazon Web Services. Besides, thanks to cloud hosting, you do not have to worry too much about struggles in updates and maintenance.

BigCommerce Features: Gift Cards and Coupons 

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With the all-around discount system of BigCommerce, you can provide special incentives for buying on specific criteria. For example, free delivery is for customers placing a specific amount of purchase order. 

Besides, all the BigCommerce plans come with coupons. As you know, coupon codes are a popular way of drawing in shoppers to build a member account or register for a newsletter. Plus, you may want to utilize coupon codes to decide how efficient your marketing campaign is. For this, just connect a coupon code with a particular advertisement. Moreover, with the BigCommerce features like gift products, the shoppers can purchase a virtual gift certificate for a specific price range.

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Product Videos

Thanks to product videos, shoppers get a better picture of the goods you sell. BigCommerce features provide you with the ability to add videos to your items. For example, you have the option to display the goods by a showreel or add product videos via a YouTube link.

BigCommerce Features: Bulk Pricing 

In case you enter the B2B business field, the bulk pricing feature is crucial. It allows you to incentivize buys in bulk by giving shoppers discounts in case they purchase a specified amount.

There are various methods to give bulk discounts. For example, you have the option to charge a fixed price for an item per tier or add a quantity-based tier % discount. Besides, you may want to conduct discounts for bulk buying by enabling their validity at the category level. For instance, bulk discounts in the Plus plan can be applicable for particular groups of customers. 

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In conclusion, this post has presented all the BigCommerce features that set your business apart. For more information about them and solutions to building your eCommerce shop, call us

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