A Superior BigCommerce POS For Electric Equipment Business

ConnectPOS handles every challenging task of driving new leads into your omnichannel electronics and computer stores

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BigCommerce POS for appliance stores

How ConnectPOS elevates your appliance outlets

BigCommerce POS for omnichannel computers stores

Scale up your electronics business with a streamlined process

  • Instantly enter all essential data related to sales and inventory process from omnichannel stores into ConnectPOS.
  • Enhance distributor relationships and better monitor bulk orders and wholesale inventory process.
  • Send pending appliances into customer shopping carts or their wish lists and remind them for later purchases.
BigCommerce POS for omnichannel electronics stores

Provide customers with unique shopping experiences to encourage them to buy your electronic devices.

  • Offer customers special price programs for particular electronics or high-value shopping carts.
  • Enable loyal shoppers to spend reward points collected from their previous purchases.
  • Reduce shopping time by providing 3-step checkout or enable buyers self checkout using PWA App.
BigCommerce POS for omnichannel electric devices outlets

Guarantee a flawless wholesales process in your appliance stores

  • Closely manage every change related to staff activities and cash register adjustments during the checkout process in stores.
  • Better understanding of omnichannel appliances business with more than 20 insightful reports that are automatically generated.

Grow strongly and vigorously with our global standard BigCommerce Point-Of-Sale

Real-time Sync

Constantly update all sales and inventory data in real time

Wish Lists

Send pending products into customer wish lists


Support customers to reduce queue time with self checkout


Flexibly be adjusted to fulfil your changing requirements

Wholesale Support

Be designed to greatly support wholesales business

24/7 free support

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Develop a greater omnichannel business with our BigCommerce POS!

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