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ConnectPOS provides an excellent POS system on BigCommerce that fits accessories businesses

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Have your products under control

  • Ranging from eyewear, footwear to jewelry POS, ConnectPOS offers a tool for accessories retailers to add, remove or edit products with ease.
  • No more worries about the inventory with real-time synchronization. Stay up-to-date about your stock levels in different sizes, colors or brands.
  • Easily manage multiple stores and warehouses. Assign nearby warehouses for specific online orders.
  • Support accessories wholesalers to boost sales in large quantities.
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Let your customers shop across different platforms

  • Provide a seamless omnichannel experience. Integrate excellent click-and-collect features that handle curbside pickups.
  • Allow buyers to self-explore the in-store items with PWA Consumer App. Scan the QR code and gain access to the full description of that product.
  • Develop excellent loyalty programs with the integrated reward point system, no matter where clients shop - online or offline.
  • Provide flexible payment methods in all platforms, including cash, cards or split tenders.
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Gain insights into your business and customers

  • Have auto-generated reports based on sales performance and customer data. Know yourself and your customers better to come up with suitable strategies.
  • Build customer profiles according to their wish lists and purchase history. Provide more personalized recommendations for each consumer - just like a friend.

Bring accessories shopping to the next level

Round-the-Clock Support

From our professional team, without any charge

Wholesale Performance

Support accessories businesses that sell items in larger quantities

Real-Time Synchronization

Stay up-to-date about the real stock levels with specific variants in mind

Personalized Shopping Experience

Make better recommendations based on customer profiles


Only integrate the features suitable for your footwear, eyewear or jewelry POS

Flexible And Secure Payments

From cash, debit/credit card to split tenders - let your customers choose

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