6 Best Thanksgiving Decorations For Your Store

Thanksgiving season is coming closer, so it’s time to find some chic items to make your store more inviting! By doing that, guests and shoppers can feast their eyes on every corner of the space and may love to try some of your products. If you don’t want to let them down, then try any of the following Thanksgiving decorations for a good reflection of the holiday

Best Thanksgiving Decorations To Impress Your Guests

People love pumpkins in the first place to complete the traditional Thanksgiving look. Choose your favorite among these ideas based on the style you’re wishing for:  

Floral painted pumpkin

Floral pumpkins as Thanksgiving decorations

Pick out three different pumpkins in various sizes, and don’t forget to stack all of them from biggest to smallest in the background. Do you want some creative vibes in these decorations?

Try painting the lovely leafy branches around the pumpkins and add some cute berries if you love to bring a touch of fall here. Choose the decor style or color you like for the crafting job but ensure they match well with the Thanksgiving theme. 

Flower and acorn centerpiece

How about creating a rustic yet memorable vibe in a corner of your shop? Let this thorough arrangement of flowers do that for you! Prepare some fall flowers, pine cones, or fall fruits to make the holders and vases around more fabulous.

With acorns, they appear to mix well with the warm colors and turn your cups, holders, and vases into the stunning Thanksgiving decorations than ever. 

Gooseberry branches

Red gooseberry branches in a glass vase

Leaving the minimalism style right in the store with many bunches of vivid gooseberry branches is a clever way to reflect the holiday. Get a tall glass vase to hold these beautiful items, and then you won’t believe how much they can do for your space. 

Such gooseberry branches can work well with any display or centerpiece for a perfect combination of fall bright shades. 

Thanksgiving wreaths

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for you to have a menu, tablescapes, and centerpieces all planned, but what about the front door? Welcome your curious guests and customers with a gorgeous wreath with an autumn flair!

Besides, there’s a unique way to impress visitors at your shop: encourage them to write down what they feel the most grateful for on a piece of paper, and ask them to slip it into these wreaths.

Wheat cloches

Wheat cloches for Thanksgiving decorations

Wheat reminds us of the harvest time and the fall leaves or blooms that can add an artistic feel to any space. You only need to group all pieces of wheat and use a ribbon to hold them under the nice glass cloches. If you want to put the centerpiece in different heights, place them on the cake stands of various heights. 

Pumpkin menu

For more festive Thanksgiving decorations, if you’re running a restaurant business, prepare a dinner menu for the holiday and write it on a faux pumpkin. Doing this is one of the best ways to wow them with a unique centerpiece among turkey and stuffing. 

If you truly plan a real feast, it’s necessary to have more pumpkins for the main dish, sides, and desserts. Remember to prepare a tall pumpkin, white paint, and one paintbrush to finish your decor. 


Like other big events, Thanksgiving is not only a fantastic time to celebrate harvest but also a stressful time for all retailers. Aside from the above creative Thanksgiving decorations, you can engage with your customers by using some marketing campaigns

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Jesse N.

Jesse N. is a marketing executive at ConnectPOS - a leading Point of Sale provider. With a background in finance and a strong interest in e-commerce, she has closely followed the latest technological developments that assist businesses' omnichannel journey.

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