10 best Shopify apps to optimize your eCommerce store Lana D June 20, 2022
10 best Shopify apps to optimize your eCommerce store
best Shopify apps

Shopify is packed with powerful applications that assist you in monetizing your shop. In this post, we put together the 10 best Shopify apps to optimize your eCommerce store. Let’s check them out!


ConnectPOS is among the best POS solutions for a lot of Shopify retail businesses with its practical features. It works smoothly on not only mobile devices (iOS and Android) but also PCs (macOS and Windows) and functions well in both offline and online modes. Some notable features are automatic real-time synchronization between the point of sale and Shopify Admin, the ability to accept different methods of payment, as well as integration with trusted payment gateways without any transaction costs.

One of the best Shopify apps Oberlo

Oberlo is good for people planning to establish a dropship rather than a stock model. Some notable features are the ability to look for trending goods to drop ship from global suppliers and monitor every purchase order easily and quickly.


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It is a decent option for online shops looking to work out a loyalty program. Some notable features include the capability of creating a referral or VIP-centric loyalty program to drive sales and examining the results with ease via this app’s analytics.


We would suggest Kit – one of the best Shopify apps for businesses looking for social marketing solutions. Some notable features include AI that assists in searching the intended traffic for your shop and the capability of running ads on social media channels (Instagram & Facebook) through the intuitive Messenger interface.

Return Magic

Instead of turning your returns into cash refunds, Return Magic assists in turning them into gift cards. In other words, you can still get some of the customer’s money.


It helps you sell custom goods like mugs and shirts. One of the most notable features is that you do not have to handle holding any stock, as this app helps make all the things on-demand.

Referral Candy

It is one of the best Shopify apps. Some notable features include the ability to provide a clean dashboard for referral monetization and automated reward delivery to simplify the referral procedure. 


This robust application is most suitable for reminding your shoppers about abandoned goods as well as delivering back-in-stock notifications. Some notable features include the capability of sending personalized campaigns and abandoned cart reminders.

Form Builder

With the support of the best Shopify apps like this, you are able to gain more leads and give your shoppers a seamless personalized purchasing journey. Some notable features include quick installation to begin creating your form right away and the ability to build a wonderful form without requirements for coding competencies. 

Plug in SEO

It is one of the best Shopify apps for people wishing to manage SEO easily. Some notable features are sending email alerts in the event of SEO issues, checking and bettering SEO to increase organic traffic.

In conclusion, hopefully, these applications will assist you in skyrocketing sales and increasing your good eCommerce fame. For more information, reach us.

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