7+ beauty boxes that worth signing up for

Beauty boxes offer a selection of the most fantastic beauty items and ship them directly to your home, as regularly as you prefer. If you are looking for beauty subscription boxes worth signing up for, this list is for you. 

Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic boasts the product offers from hundreds of brands. Because of that overwhelming number, it is difficult to decide what to purchase. Their beauty subscription box will assist you in making the best purchase decision. There are six products in each box and you will know where to buy more as soon as you discover something you love.

The Lady Box

It is also one of the best beauty boxes worth signing up for. The intended audience of The Lady Box is ladies in their 30s and 40s who tend to lead a preoccupied life and fend for a family. For a monthly fee of membership, you will get 6 products or more. This subscription will become your monthly passionate reminder to take good care of yourself.

Chok Chok Box

Are you an avid lover of Korean beauty products? Then, here you are! Count on The Chok Chok Box to deliver the best K-beauty items to your door. Beauty boxes like this will ensure you have easy access to an abundant supply of quality beauty products from Korea. 

Goodie Box

The Goodie Box meets the demands of fans of polish, drugstore products, and more. The month-specific box delivers a particular theme like “1st hint of Summer”. For those finding such titles not clear enough to understand, just look at the product description.


Are you fond of beauty boxes that show interesting unboxing videos on their site? Then, Matas can be your perfect choice. They show every product in detail and guide the best ways of using them. People who are not lucky enough to get a box do not need to be disappointed. You can purchase the items from the set individually.


This is among the most popular names in the beauty subscription box realm. They help you to get your hands on the most trusted brands and deliver boxes of amazing products. The last thing you want is to get items you do not like. So, you had better build your beauty profile that your beauty box will become created from.


If you are having a hard time discovering your favorite scent, this subscription can be a big help. Depending on your choices sorted, you will get a perfume with a volume of 8ml monthly. After that, they will collect all the scents in your scent set of data. Here, you will give them ratings to customize your quest to win the title of a perfume connoisseur.


It has good collaboration with famous and trusted brands such as Kiehl’s. So, you will easily find out what you want. Each shipment will also be a happy reminder to care for yourself.

In conclusion, above is an updated list of 7+ beauty boxes worth signing up for. Contact us for more information.

Lana D

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