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connectpos loyaltylion partnership

ConnectPOS x LoyaltyLion: Strengthen your customers’ relationship across touchpoints

We’re happily announcing that LoyaltyLion is ConnectPOS’ newest partner!  Being able to use reward points and store credits at the physical locations plays a crucial role to improve the performance of our POS solution. Along the way, we have integrated with multiple loyalty programs, and LoyaltyLion is the perfect piece to boost up our system….

connectpos stevie awards

ConnectPOS Wins the Bronze in Product Innovation of the Year Award!

ConnectPOS was named the winner of the Bronze Stevie Award in the Achievements in Product Innovation category in The 18th Annual International Business Awards. Stevie Awards is considered the Oscars of the business world. Every year, individuals and organizations worldwide – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small – are eligible to attend…

Quotation Management

All You Need To Know About Quotation Management

In such a competitive market as in the modern days, quotation should be included in every business sales strategy. An effective quotation management system enables businesses to close more deals and stay ahead of the market. Yet, the importance of this business aspect is still underrated.  What is a sales quotation? A sale quotation is…

Shopify supports O2O

How Shopify Supports O2O Retail Business

Online-to-offline eCommerce business (O2O) is a major factor to thrive during covid 19 pandemics. Since the covid pandemics hit our world, the retail market has experienced online shopping trends among customers. Many retail businesses, at the same time, move their store online with the help of eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. Yet, the brick-and-mortar business…

Magento supports O2O

How Magento Supports O2O Retail Business

Online to Offline business model is a major determinant to save many retail stores during the covid 19 pandemics. Along with the trend toward digital transformation, many Magento retail stores have paid more attention to develop and streamline omnichannel retail business. Yet, successfully applying the O2O model poses various challenges. And by providing various helpful…

Magento inventory management extension

Top 5 Magento inventory management extension in 2021

A proper inventory management system is vital for modern retailers to flexibly adapt with changes in the market. However, developing an advanced inventory system is never an easy task since there are numerous things to handle. Fortunately, if you are running your stores on the Magento platform, you can easily find and choose a Magento…

BigCommerce inventory management apps

Top 5 BigCommerce Inventory Management App In 2021

Inventory management is always an extremely crucial part of retail eCommerce business. If you are a new BigCommerce retailer, everything appears to be easy to manage with a few warehouses with a few products. However, when your business scales up with more products and warehouses, inventory management will be much more complicated. Especially, if you…

cash wrap

Things You May Now Know About The Cash Wrap

Customers, nowadays, always expect a convenient and comfortable shopping experience on every channel from the beginning until finishing their transactions. Any mistakes or interruptions during their journey may stop them from shopping and even discourage them from coming back. Today, we would like to discuss the cash wrap where the very last stage of a…


Everything You Should Know About Dropshipping

Inventory management always plays a crucial role in every retail business. Traditionally, retail owners have to pour a considerable amount of money on building warehouses as well as other equipment to store and preserve products. However, nowadays, there are many different inventory methods developed to support retailers enhance their ability to manage inventory at a…

Instagram marketing tips

6 Interesting Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is the second most popular social platform behind Facebook. According to Statistic, this platform has reported over 120 million active users worldwide. They have predicted that by 2024, there would be approximately 12 billion Instagram accounts created. The popularity of Instagram makes it a promising platform for retail businesses to promote their products and…

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