Top 7 best-quality touch screen POS software Lana D May 24, 2022
Top 7 best-quality touch screen POS software
touch screen POS software

Touch screen POS software is a POS solution that runs on tablets and portable devices. We have done some research and found out the top 7 best-quality touch screen point of sale systems.


ConnectPOS is the best overall choice. This cloud POS software operates well on various devices. It is accessible on not only iPad but also other tablets, making it a remarkable touch screen POS software. The kitchen management system from ConnectPOS provides a smooth omnichannel experience that supports shoppers to buy in online and offline channels. Thanks to real-time synchronization, the precision and consistency between your physical and online shops and the point of sale are of utmost. ConnectPOS also gets the best out of the perks of portable devices, with the excellent stock control tool and fast checkout procedure. 


Square is most suitable for small businesses. Its stock management feature is good. You only need to add all your items to this system so that staff can check out shoppers faster by effortlessly clicking each item’s picture on the touch screen. Square also allows you to build basic profiles of your shoppers directly from the checkout counter and monitor their loyalty points and order history.

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Lightspeed touch screen POS software

We suggest this solution for retailers with large stocks and businesses operating in several locations. The stock control capability of Lightspeed is good. It can deal with many unique stock keeping units with the help of practical attributes such as tagging products with searchable terms. Plus, support is available 24/7 via email, live chat, and phone. 



Shopify is the ideal touch screen POS software for online retailers planning on in-person sale expansion. It assists you in building an online shop and controlling both your in-person and online sales from a single platform. This results in your real-time synchronization of shopper, sales, and stock data. 

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This touch screen POS software is a solid selection for physical retail businesses who are looking for a point of sale that provides an integrated shopper and loyalty management. It features loyalty programs and layaway capabilities, among other features in the basic plan. Together with the offline processing attributes and its capability of building in with the 3rd-party processors, this software is worth checking out. 


Upserve is a suitable touch screen POS software for dining businesses finding decent customer management. It features reservation and logbooks control highlights powered by its dining business-specific analytic system. Further, Upserve has a great interface and stock control functionalities, since you can monitor the number of items down to the ingredient.

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Toast is our suggestion for full-service dining businesses. Its reliable order and table control attributes help keep servers in real-time communication with the kitchen. In addition, thanks to the handheld terminals, servers will get notified once orders are all set.

In conclusion, if you are wondering what POS you should invest in, this top 7 best-quality touch screen POS software should be a great consideration. They provide practically anything a small or big retail business or dining business will need to flourish. For further support, contact us.

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