6 Halloween Store Tips For Your Brick-And-Mortar Business

Many people would get into the “scary-good” spirit of Halloween, so there will be a rise in online spending. So, if you don’t want to miss it, use the following Halloween store ideas to encourage purchases from new customers.

Best Halloween store tips to increase sales

Check our list of the top 6 Halloween store marketing ideas to be sure that you won’t miss a thing, from holiday designs, themes and promotions. 

Decorate your store

The offline store is the most visible thing of the whole spooky celebration. The way you decorate it during this season can affect the buyers’ decisions. Aside from adding some little pumpkins, you can integrate more adorable decorations. If your shop is a fashion boutique, then displaying a witch’s hat and a broom is a great Halloween idea. 

Give holiday flash sales in a month

Halloween store tips: give a flash sale for the holiday

Everyone loves great deals, so take this chance to encourage consumers to get discounts on items. When you create a sense of urgency, there will be a sudden rise in orders and draw people to make purchases during a holiday flash sale. POS can support you to overcome the challenge of overwhelming. You can give remarkable discounts on one particular product and notify visitors only one day in advance to attract more people to your site.

Celebrate “show us your best Halloween costume” event

Halloween is a fascinating time of the year when you can add creative touches to the DIY costume. So, you can hold an event where everyone can show off their scariest Halloween outfits to have a chance to win a gift card! Take advantage of Facebook to celebrate the contest where potential shoppers post images of themselves dressed up. 

Send out Halloween-themed email newsletters

A Halloween email newsletter template

Sending holiday email newsletters is one of the best ways to reach your target market and potential customers. Do not hesitate to compose newsletters with scary deals, features, and a devilish atmosphere. They offer retailers a creative strategy to engage more shoppers. All you do is use this holiday to embrace the darkness, but before that, you need more time to explore best practices and examples for Halloween email newsletters. 

Give reusable candy bags with your logo

Kids will love it if you give them a whole treat bag to contain their goodies. If your target market is to draw more children to the store, hurry to have candy bags printed with your logo and give them to shoppers who make purchases. These parents are likely to use your bags for shopping long after this season gets over, which is a clever way to advertise your brand and products. 

Create social posts in Halloween spirit to gain followers

A Halloween-themed post on Starbucks’ Instagram

Mix with some fun Halloween-themed posts while keeping relevant to what you provide. Let’s make it more fun and interactive to get more followers. Social media marketing is a thoughtful tactic you should use to show the excitement of the season. Pick out a suitable theme and color scheme to fit your brand’s characteristics such as candy and carnival designs, or add spooky elements like insects and witches. 


Halloween is an excellent opportunity to remarket your items in a more creative and new way. Hopefully, these Halloween store tips can get you into the right spirit of the season. Use them to promote your products and catch the attention of new customers. Remember to give discounts and gifts when possible. 

Jesse N.

Jesse N. is a marketing executive at ConnectPOS - a leading Point of Sale provider. With a background in finance and a strong interest in e-commerce, she has closely followed the latest technological developments that assist businesses' omnichannel journey.

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