6 best hospitality pos for ambitious businesses in 2023 Steven P February 2, 2023
6 best hospitality pos for ambitious businesses in 2023
6 best hospitality pos for ambitious businesses in 2023

It’s critical to pick a hospitality POS system with all the capabilities your company requires to grow and expand. Review 6 POS systems for enterprises in this post.

Connect POS

6 best hospitality pos for ambitious businesses in 2023

A trusted cloud-based hospitality POS (point of sale) system for omnichannel retailers is ConnectPOS. It is among the top applications and offers you more than 20 in-depth reports. The powerful reporting mechanism of ConnectPOS determines any trend and pattern based on the most recent data. As a result, it provides operators and business owners like you with forecasting data so that you may take advantage of any prospective opportunities.

Given that ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS for hospitality and that all data from all channels are synced and collated into a single central advanced reporting system, you can monitor your business from a distance.

Even better, mobile POS is also enabled, allowing retailers to access reports from any location at any time using any mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, and other comparable gadgets. As a result, it works with both Android and iOS. This provides such a versatile and practical approach to running a business, particularly if you have numerous storefronts or warehouses.

6 best hospitality pos for ambitious businesses in 2023


Despite being one of the priciest alternatives available, Lightspeed remains our top pick for hospitality POS because of its adaptability and cutting-edge features. This system excelled in our testing in the areas of usability, business administration, inventory control, and business development, demonstrating how it blends cutting-edge technologies with an intuitive and approachable user interface. Lightspeed enables you to handle sales data from numerous locations easily, link menu items for simple upselling, and split bills by diner, course, or item.

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It is most suitable for larger hospitality enterprises due to its extensive feature set and high price, but if you have lofty goals for your bar, pub, or restaurant, it can be well worthwhile to invest.

Liko POS

Since hotels frequently utilize a property management system (PMS) like Cloudbeds to handle room bookings and other tasks, choosing the ideal POS for hotels can be challenging. There are POS and PMS providers that are integrated, but Liko is a terrific choice if you want a solid POS supplier that will make managing your hotel’s food and beverage offerings much simpler. 

Liko’s attractiveness is mostly due to automation. This POS system is among the most intelligent ones available, and it makes excellent use of AI (Artificial intelligence). Additionally, it can create intelligent sales projections that analyze previous and present sales data to predict the future.

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6 best hospitality pos for ambitious businesses in 2023

There are many excellent POS solutions available, but Goodtill is our top choice. What really jumps out about Goodtill is how easily it can be used. It runs on an iPad and has a customizable UI (user interface) with lots of colors that make it easy to acclimate new team members. For an additional 2.7% + 12p for each transaction, Goodtill provides a Goodeats add-on for takeaway businesses, giving them a rapid web presence for online pickup and delivery orders. This includes an exclusive URL (Uniform Resource Locator) customized for your company and simple Goodtill menu integration. In our tests, Goodtill performed particularly well in the areas of company management, stock management, and usability, while falling short in the areas of price and assistance & support.

PayPal Zettle POS

Our top pick for a coffee shop POS is Zettle (owned by PayPal); it is a straightforward and portable system that is perfect for small enterprises. There is no monthly fee; the only costs are £29 for the Zettle card reader and 1.75% (2.5% for invoice and payment link transactions) for each card transaction. 

The Zettle UI has an attractive simplicity similar to the pricing structure, and the reporting feature wonderfully exemplifies this. You may view thorough sales data on the Zettle app and export it to Microsoft Excel with only a few taps. Zettle excelled in our testing on usability and cost, demonstrating why it’s a perfect choice for small hospitality firms with modest transaction volumes.

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Epos Now

6 best hospitality pos for ambitious businesses in 2023

We suggest Epos Now as the best restaurant POS for establishments of a respectable size because of its assortment of strong features. The Kitchen Display System, which allows you to submit orders to the kitchen digitally, is a crucial tool for enhancing the speed and accuracy of your service.

In our tests, Epos Now excelled in the areas of company administration, inventory control, and usability. It also offers a wide variety of app integrations. As a result, you can integrate your Epos Now data with well-known products like the accounting program Xero and the email marketing service Mailchimp to create effective email marketing campaigns. However, because it lacks any internal CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  tools, you must rely on integrations to access customer loyalty features.

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