Servers should try these 5 upsell tactics to boost restaurant revenue Quinn T. April 27, 2022
Servers should try these 5 upsell tactics to boost restaurant revenue

Upselling in restaurants is a technique of recommending delicious menu combinations to customers based on their personal preferences. This additional sale will bring convenience to customers and help your restaurant increase revenue. This is a delicate art and requires certain techniques. 

In this article, we aim to lay out our top 5 tactics that will help you how to upsell without leaving your customers feeling down.

5 upselling in restaurants tactics

Training staff 

To start upselling in restaurants, the first thing you need to do is train your staff. They are the people who directly interact, communicate and talk with customers. If you want to do upselling effectively, it is essential that you train the staff well. During the training process, you should give detailed information about the programs that customers can receive when using upselling products, products that can be easily upselling and receive significant incentives. Staff training is not an easy and quick thing to do, but it can be the process that you have to invest the most money and effort into to see the best results for your restaurant business.

5 upsell tactics in restaurant

Menu upselling in restaurants

If you want to do well at upselling, you also need a well-designed menu. Restaurant menus should be designed to help profitable dishes and products attract customers. In addition, the menu description is also important in upselling. The description in the dish or product showing the list of ingredients will make it clear, concise and enticing for customers to order.

Another way to do upselling in restaurants through menus is to rely on festive occasions and offer specific and well-researched upsell programs to match customer needs. For example, during Christmas, a restaurant might upsell Roast Duck.

Using technology for upselling in restaurants

Using technology is also a tactic to implement upselling in restaurants effectively. Using technology in menus, ordering and advertising will help customers feel excited about the programs offered and use the products introduced. Restaurant technologies have evolved dramatically over the years. You can use POS software to record payments. In addition, with the integration with CRM, POS software can store essential customer data to help the server make recommendations to order specific dishes. ConnectPOS is a great tool to help you upsell in your restaurant.

Using marketing to upsell

Marketing is the best way for you to do upselling in restaurants. As a result, your restaurant must identify and implement the best possible marketing strategies to lead to informed customers. While this tactic is more effective for fast food restaurants, it can also be used at more upscale restaurants. You can do marketing through the implementation of advertising, food trial programs and other incentive programs to attract customers.

Using marketing to upsell

Upsell with low-cost in-store marketing and POP materials

When you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will feel that when you are sitting at the table in the restaurant and see a picture of the food in the restaurant. Even though you always order one dish every time you order, looking at the pictures of the other dishes looks so delicious and you don’t know that you will have to pay extra for that meal (compared to what you would expect with regular orders). This is a good strategy, especially for dinner restaurants. In particular, implementing upselling in restaurants tactics at POP materials is also a great tactic.

Upsell with low-cost in-store marketing and POP materials


Upselling tactics in restaurants will help you sell more dishes and generate more revenue, but this requires a lot of technique. 

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