5 types of retail store generate the most sales in 2022 Steven P December 21, 2022
5 types of retail store generate the most sales in 2022
5 types of retail store generate the most sales in 2022

Some of today’s effective retail models are often very diverse, which can help retailers increase their coverage quickly and bring higher profits than other types. That is why the retail market is increasingly vibrant and large in scale. In this article, we would like to introduce 5 retail store types that generate the most sales in 2022.


Grocery stores and supermarkets are the main types of retail that offer food products. Products such as fresh and packaged food, beer and wine, pet food and basic household products such as paper goods and detergents, etc. are items used daily in households and they play an essential role. Therefore, it is the most profitable type of retail store in today’s market. This type of retail business does not require any specific skills and the investment is also moderate. Businesses can easily open it in any residential area. In addition, businesses can also do omnichannel business to enhance the customer’s consumption experience.

5 types of retail store generate the most sales in 2022

Big Box/Superstore

The model of Big Box stores or famous superstores such as Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, and Home Depot recorded the most revenue in 2022. Retailers in this category have large physical spaces and offer a wide variety of goods in many product categories. Consumers can buy all the products they need in just one store. Therefore, this is an attractive place for consumers thanks to its convenience and speed. In addition, superstores are retail stores that always have improvements in consumer experience and entertainment. Customers are often attracted by the large spaces and eye-catching layout here, so they make impulsive purchasing decisions and from there, more sales are generated.

Specialty Store

Specialty stores sell a wide variety of brands, styles, or models in a relatively narrow category. Examples include craft stores, furniture stores, gardening centers, sporting goods stores, and bookstores. This type of retail store focuses sales on a specific product category, such as cosmetics, sports equipment, or books, and can provide intensive training for their employees to provide them with knowledge about product details and pertinent skills. This helps customers feel secure when shopping and using products from the store. In addition, the design and layout of these stores are far from the objective environment of general merchandise retailers so it attracts more customers and has more sales.

5 types of retail store generate the most sales in 2022

Discount Store

The discount store has always been a type of retail store that attracts many consumers and generates a lot of revenue because its prices are often lower than average. Price is considered the most influential factor in consumer purchasing decisions. Therefore, at these stores, consumers are often more secure about the price than if they buy a similar product at some other stores. That’s why this type always has steady and growing sales.

5 types of retail store generate the most sales in 2022


Warehouse retailers, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, sell products in bulk and come with attractive discounts for buyers. This type of retail store always has stable sales because their customers are often secondary retailers and the bills they buy are usually wholesale. Sales of these stores will certainly be stable and more and more increasing if they have the right sales tactics, smart warehouse management to meet the needs of buyers.

5 types of retail store generate the most sales in 2022


Knowing which types of retail stores generate the most revenue will help the retail market to be more clearly oriented for future growth. This is also the experience for traders to make the right plan. If you need assistance managing your store, contact us.

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