5 Cyber Monday tips for small businesses Steven P November 16, 2022
5 Cyber Monday tips for small businesses
5 Cyber Monday tips for small businesses

The popularity of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events is growing among both consumers and companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises must understand how to seize this chance to produce extra holiday revenue because people anticipate the growing trend to continue.

In this article, ConnectPOS will introduce you to 5 Cyber Monday tips for small businesses

Give VIPs the upper hand

Aim to provide your VIP clients with both early access to deals and special offers that are superior to those available to the general public. When talking more about these VIP bargains shortly, email is a terrific method to distribute them.

Offer price matching to mobile shoppers in-store

5 Cyber Monday tips for small businesses

On Cyber Monday, savvy customers look for discounts both online and in-store. Multi-channel shopping is the term for this activity. The Global also claims that mobile devices accounted for the majority of online buying.

Due to this, several stores on Cyber Monday match prices online. This will help you develop client loyalty throughout the new year if you can afford to do it. Simply request that they use their phones to show you the price at your rival’s website.

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Pre-promote deals early in-store and on your website 

5 Cyber Monday tips for small businesses

Not all buyers are as familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s actual dates. For this reason, pre-promoting your sales is beneficial. Additionally, several companies begin their sales a few days before the main event.

Start off by including a graphic on the homepage of your website, or get more technical as Platypus did by adding a countdown clock. Your plan is based on your financial situation and level of technical knowledge.

Segment and send your offers using your email database

For a list of consumers who haven’t purchased from you recently but whom you’d like to get back into your store, you could also develop a campaign. A win-back email is a conventional name for it. In addition to letting them know about other Cyber Monday offers, like the one below, you might, as I’ve already indicated, offer them a gift or gift card with their purchase.

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Also, consider the time of the emails you will send out. A few days before the advance, you might want to send a teaser email. Send one out the following day, when the sale starts. You can even send one out a few hours prior to the end of the sale if you have the capacity to do so to capture

Promote coupon codes and deals on discount sites

5 Cyber Monday tips for small businesses

Deal finder websites, which are widely used and simple to find, are a further area to advertise your specials, especially if you are offering airline travel discounts. The majority of savvy consumers are aware of these sites and visit them to hunt for deals from their preferred brands, both online and in-store.

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When a customer uses a discount code or clicks on the “get deal” link and makes a purchase, many of these websites act as affiliates and collect a cut of the proceeds.


As a small business, you do not want to pass up chances to increase your in-person and online sales over the Black Friday weekend. Thanks to some of the most effective Cyber Monday marketing techniques, you may take advantage of the buying craze and ring in the holidays with triumph. 

If you want to learn more about how to develop some recommendations for Cyber Monday,  please do not hesitate to contact us right away to find the finest answer. 

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