2x response rate with conversational commerce Quinn T. April 13, 2022
2x response rate with conversational commerce

When the pandemic broke out, face-to-face interaction was limited, so communication and dialogue between businesses and customers became difficult. In fact, retailers and businesses have realized the importance of commercial conversations with customers before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is not until the “New Normal” phase is established that many businesses seriously reevaluate their business activities and take advantage of conversational commerce step by step to promptly adapt.

In this article, we give you important conversational commerce information to help your business increase engagement and response rates with customers.

What is conversational commerce?

Conversational commerce, also known as chat commerce or conversational marketing, is a way online retailers unleash the potential of conversation to sell their products and services. It doesn’t matter whether the conversational experience is delivered to a potential customer via a chat app, a chatbot, a voice assistant, or through a messaging platform. As long as customer communication is personalized, helpful, and moves consumers faster through the sales funnel, it serves the purpose. 

Types of Conversational Commerce 

Live chat

This is one of the most popular conversational commerce methods. This type is easy to use and allows customers to get answers instantly through the retailer’s website. This feature gives businesses a big advantage, it allows an employee to chat with multiple customers at the same time, and as a result, brands can reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. 

Types of Conversational Commerce 


Chatbot is a software that helps users by providing ready-made answers to customers’ questions via text message. Chatbots can chat with multiple users at the same time and provide information within seconds. What’s more, businesses can apply this feature on both websites and messaging platforms. All these functions have made chatbots a very popular form of conversational commerce. Retailers can use it to connect with customers quickly.


Messaging app

A popular messaging app like Messenger or WhatsApp, is a chat platform that allows your business to exchange instant messages with customers. Consumers love this way of communicating because it makes conversational commerce private.

Voice assistant

A voice assistant is a type of software that is activated by voice commands and answers customer questions. Voice assistants, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana or Siri, are becoming a ubiquitous feature in many electronic devices. Customers love them because they’re convenient and fun. Voice assistants help businesses give quick answers or direct searchers to your website, which will increase customer awareness of your brand.

Benefits of conversational commerce

Conversational commerce brings many benefits not only to retail businesses but also to consumers. First of all, it helps reduce cart abandonment by allowing retailers to send proactive greetings via live chat to customers who have added items to their cart but have not yet purchased, offering support to help customers complete orders quickly.

Besides, it also helps close potential leads and gather feedback from customers. When you have acquired a large enough number of potential customers and received feedback from customers, you will improve and upgrade your business in accordance with customer requirements and from there, you will build customer loyalty and increase revenue.


With all the benefits that they bring, today, conversational commerce has been used and preferred by many retailers. It will help you double the response rate. 

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